New way for Anker to promote its brand

Hi everyone, espacially @AnkerOfficial,

I just wanted to share with you a new website I recently discovered. It’s only for France at the moment, but who knows, there might be an equivalent in the US or other countries.

The website is called, and the principle is pretty simple :
Users enter on the website the items they have and they can present to others around them.
People who want to test a product search for it on the website, and can see people around them that have this product, and are ready to welcome them in their homes to make a demo.

I currently have more than a dozen items ready to be demoed to people in my area, and brands regularly make partnerships with the website to recruit new ambassadors.

Maybe that could be of interest for Anker’s Marketing team :slight_smile:


Interesting. So you don’t get paid or anything for doing these demos?

I been a part if something similar. Went great until someone received a high value item and refused to pass it on after their test period. Site for shut down after that due to legal reasons

You don’t get paid no. But the more you do demos, the more you get a discount on the product, at the end of the test. And if you do enough demos, your discount reaches 100% of the retail price :wink:

We actually have to give our credit card details prior to receiving the test item. In that case, if we don’t return the item, or refuse to pay to keep it, they can withdraw money on our credit card.

It’s an interesting idea. I wonder if people would make that much effort for smaller value items like the general product base that Anker hold. It sounds really interesting though, I’d certainly use if for bigger purchases like furniture, cars, bikes etc.

I think Anker would in that case give the product for free. But at least it will really engage with new people, not already customers, by incitating ambassador to spread the Anker word to other people.

Yea I know some people wouldn’t be fond of giving credit info just to test items. There are so many variables of what ifs that I wouldn’t wanna do it again

Anker is doing it right already. They make millions of $$$ annually. Brand recognition a la social media/marketing and strong fan base are two factors contributing to their growth.

This forum alone has 627,151 users.