New Waterproof Bags

Update: The price has indeed dropped to $9.99 for the 2-pack.

Anker has a new listing up on Amazon for a 2 pack of IPX8 rated waterproof bags.

It is generally compatible with devices up to 6" in screen size.

Currently the two pack is priced at $16.99 (NOW just $9.99) and is available now. It is unclear whether the price will decrease soon.

What do you think of these waterproof bags… Would you be interested in picking up a couple?


Nice to see they made the bags bigger. I use to have one for use while kayaking and it’s small size made it hard to fit a right proper phone in it, even more so one with a slim case. I’d like to get one and try, of course the phones we have are ip68 rated so this would just help protect it even more


These are nice. Last summer I picked up a set of mpow dry bags when my wife went to Bora Bora for 10 days. They are slightly smaller and a less water proof rating. But they worked well. She could still facetime, take pictures and not worry about getting her phone wet.

The bags barely fit my 5.5 LG G4 and defender case. Its tight and stretches the plastic. When mine break I’ll look at the anker ones. Wish they were slightly bigger.

I now use then when I’m near water and I think there’s a chance it my want to get wet.

at the time I could of sworn Anker had a set but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I found Blitzwold and MPow had the best rated and specs for under $15 at the time.


Every time when I dive, I really need a waterproof bag to help me shooting under the water!


This was the big selling feature which got me to buy one from another company in the past, but I quickly found it hard to fit the phone in so I never tried taking pictures with it. Once these come down in price I’ll grab a few and test them out

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I picked up similar bags last summer for the beach. Not because of the water… but to keep the sand out of my charging ports. They worked great!

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Did you have issues with the size of the ones that were on the market at the time? Like you couldn’t use it with a case or they were too small or tight ?

These are great for holidays!

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I actually purchased ones that were larger than what I needed so I wouldn’t need to take the cases off of our phones.

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Dang when I needed them I couldn’t find any large ones. But of course I was in a store and not online so I was limited to what was available.

As much as I trust the waterproof rating of the latest iPhones, I think I might have to purhcase a pack of these ready for our next holiday.

These look like they’ll be perfect for underwater shooting and getting some great photos of my kids in the pool or at the beach!

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Cool! I waiting for your picture hahaha:grin:

Definitely! Your kids will be happy!

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Oh I need one of these for my next summer vacation. I never saw it on the Anker website.

Was pleasantly surprised to find that you get 2 waterproof bags for the price of 1. It is a little hard to open at first but that makes me confident that it’ll be hard to open by itself. Water won’t leak into it.

I am really surprised at how lightweight and thin the plastic is. The other one I have is really thick and is hazy when trying to take pictures.

When I’m using the waterproof pouch with the camera on my phone, you can barley tell I was using a waterproof pouch.

I have a Pixel 2 XL and it fit into the pouch with a case on with no problem. I’m using a Spigen Rugged Armor case. I feel like it may be a stretch if you use an otterbox case or something a lot thicker.

Only thing I’m worried about is the way the pouch closes. It is attached to only a portion of the pouch. I worry this might tear in heavy use. But only time will tell. This may be why they give you two!


Would you mind to share some photos with us?