New user struggling

I’ve recently purchased a couple of eufyCam 2C packs and installed the first one with two cameras. Everything went smoothly until I realised that I wasn’t getting push notifications on my S7. I checked the setup carefully and went through the various phone permissions, but still no luck. I’ve played around with sensitivity settings and human vs. all motion to no effect.
Following advice to a previous poster, I removed and reinstalled one camera to see if this would work. Weirdly, this has made my entire system more sluggish and the Homebase range which was never good seems to have fallen.

Can you enlighten me as to what’s going on?

Reset your whole system, as for push notifications, make sure you allow the app permission in order to send them to you. Otherwise you wont get them

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Please share OS and version you’re using in your device or devices. I have a eufy 2k door cam. I’ve had a few issues with the app which seems to be where issues are centralized. I get logged out periodically and my door cam seems to disconnect froM my network. Once I get the app logged back in I receive alerts and chimes once again though I think these issues are linked to IOS updates.

Thanks for the prompt replies. While I’m happy to reset the eufyCam, I always baulk at the suggestion to reset my phone to its factory settings - there is a lot of personalisation there. :slightly_smiling_face:

As it happens, after an hour or so, I began to receive notifications and I’m now playing around with the settings to see how that works out. My experience with networks suggests that there may be some sort of negotiation issue going on here, perhaps a consequence of the range issue I noted earlier.

Speaking of range I’m puzzled why eufy can’t sort this. Obviously an increase in power on the cameras would impact adversely on battery life, but the mains-power Homebase is a different matter. I guess that the system is setup to deal with locations that have thin walls but brick and block is a different matter. My home wifi has no problem with giving a usable signal 20m from the house.