New user...bad fourm

I hope i am missing something here, this forum is not set up logically IMHO.

I am a brand new user, I wanted to find a good starting point before I start asking questions, because have many.

I typed in “new user” to see where that took me, pretty useless.

i am on many auto forums and if Anker wants one forum for all product lines that is fine, but start the home page with a the five product categories:

Once those are clicked then a new tree of selections within that category:

Stickies for new and constantly asked questions, then categories from General to specific topics for that product category so i dont have to leave that product category to navigate, i can keep drilling down as deep as i want or switch topics.

It gets easy to use over time if you are on a Mobil device I recommend downloading the Soundcore app and if you tap the button in the top right corner it will give a few options one of which is the community then after clicking it and signing in it will take you to the Soundcore community then from there just tap the three lines next to your profile picture and you’ll see something that says insider testing and you’ll be in the anker community


After you learn it, it is not too bad. For a new user, I will agree that it is hard in the beginning.

Go to powerdraw and you can find the how to win. It provides how to earn powerbuck and experience points. There is a level up section om what different levels will give you…as well as general rules.

You should also know soundcore and eufy (security) both have their own dedicated communities as well.


It could be improved but it’s not as overwhelming as others

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Why did you search for “new user”? I don’t get it unless you’re trolling.

Lurk around, ask legitimate questions. The forum(s) has been around and works with good engagement & resource.


Because I am a new user, and most forums will have some dedicated stickies for new users to read in which the most common questions are curated and answered in one place. It lets newcomers cover a lot of common ground in one thread that covers most easy questions someone would have to start.

There used to be a similar thing under the settings part of the user profile but it disappeared during the last community upgrade. The following gives a good overview of the community

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No, what i mean is, I am interested in eufy products, there should be a separate forum that deals only in eufy, not a combined forum for all of their product lines. Then some sticky threads that answer all of the eufy common questions on the eufy homepage. New users like me would go there and read for a while and have most common questions answered right from the first page. Now if i have more specific questions, I could search for those and read on.

An example: This forum should have the 5 product categories (Anker, eufy, Roav, Nebula and Soundcore) as separate sub forums. The front page of each would have a few sticky threads that answer most of the basic questions new users would ask, usually curated by power users or moderators.
In my case i would go to the eufy forum, read the stickies and probably have many of the answers to my questions like; difference between HomeBase 1 & 2, can all of your cameras connect to each base (doorbells included), differences between the camera models, can I expand the local storage using an USB drive… and so on with a logical layout of threads continuing below those for various other eufy topics.

Instead, I click “Forum” and get new responses from all of Anker’s products, which I may not care about and same with searches if my terms overlap. Why see results for Roav if all I want are answers to eufy issues?

There is an eufy community :+1:

Perhaps this will be more helpful then, new and still growing :slightly_smiling_face:

Then why is eufy a subject/forum here?

I have no idea :rofl:

Cripes, all this wailing for no reason…:rofl:

All this wailing as you say when your answer was two words away on a Google search?

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There’s also a Soundcore Forum:

Do a simple search and you’ll find that Anker did this a long while ago.

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Once you get sick and tired of the endless capacity of some users to post ‘Great Deal! :+1: ‘ pretty much everywhere, you’ll find you’ll be coming back much less frequently anyway.
No? Just me then.

:expressionless: shame on them

Previously, there was only one forum for all of the brands, but over the years, EufyCam and SoundCore have broken off into their own communities. They still have brand tags here for archival purposes, I assume.

You know if you come back less frequently you will have a “Great Deal! :+1:” of unread threats to go through . :rofl:

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Lol so true :joy: