New USB-C or USB-A flashlight

Anker should make a flashlight that has a rechargeable battery, that recharges using USB-C or USB-A this would be good for storms and power outages since a batter bank can be used to recharge it giving longer charge to the light. I think it would be a great product that could help people and save lives. Make it between $15 and $50 and Anker will make bank and help people at the same time!

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I agree.

A merger of the Powercore+ Mini with the LC40.

Merge these:

perfect your right, those too together would be perfect.

Perhaps say two or three versions.

  • MicroUSB input, USB2 output
  • Lightning input, USB2 output
  • USB-C input, USB-C output.

Then you carry just one cable for your phone. “It is all you need in winter”. That sell by millions particularly at Xmas.

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yes! Then everyone has a choice for them, also they should make a commercial where different people use them, first a house in a blackout then, an EMT looking for an injured biker, then a police officer helping an injured kid. All they would have to do is win hearts and minds, then everyone would want them. I know personally, after hurricane sandy it sucked not having electronic devices, I wish I knew about Anker then.

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With the USB-C version, you’d only need one port to cover both input and output.

I hate to say it, but knowing Anker, that many options probably won’t happen. They move





Yes, this process will necessarily be a complex and lengthy one, cos we need to do many market surveys before we launch a new product.:grin:

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Totally agree with the rechargeable flashlight. I have the Au*#y version which is very close to the same size as the lc40 and it is my go to flashlight over the LC40 because of the recharge ability (micro USB). Plus it is twice the brightness for only a few dollars more. The 2600 mAh battery gives 3 hours on high power and 8 on low. I don’t think that is enough to use for both flashlight and output though. 5000 maybe. I do have a rechargeable 2600 battery for my Anker but it is not bright enough for me and I hate carrying an extra charger and battery in my rig so my Anker sits at home collecting dust.


I do think merger of portable charger with recharge with torch would become one of Anker biggest sellers.

As to a torch “it depends” where it’s an EDC item you own say one and so that could concerned with it’s cost, but where you are going for quantity like torches to in Every room then unit cost becomes a factor then simple is good.

This is my torch kit for travel with. In summer this is all I need but in winter I might carry another 18650 so can recharge while using.

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A thicker version with the 5000mah and a thinner version with 3400mah?

So what I posted above a larger one which is a merger of this instead of the Mini:

Merge these for the larger version

Now here is a thought to lower Anker’s costs. In the screw-on cap method you could have just a different cap with different ports so you could have a cap for USB-C single port for input/outout and one with USB2 output and lightning input, and one with Micro input and USB2 output. Then you’d only need to make 3 types of caps and then still have “this is all you need with one cable and your mobile”.

A cable-less version sounds good and bad, so a lightning plug you flick up but there is less change of damaging a phone with a few flexible wire distance in case of harsh use.


I will say that I do agree. This would quickly become a best seller if Anker chose to offer it.

It sure would provided the price was in line :sunglasses:

Always is with Anker