New USB-C hub

The biggest concern here is lack of USB-C input to charge device while it is hub connected.

What do you think?


Im not sure most pc’s people own handle usb-c charging speeds so it may not be a huge deal. Like the overall design though, but am a little weary that a rounded design may not hold the system in place stability wise.

I think this is fine, it’s a way to add usb 3.0 ports to devices that only have usb c. Interesting they chose semi rounded sides as opposed to one thats flat

Gorgeous product! The sleek look is incredible and add a premium feeling to it. @nigelhealy mentioned the lack of USB-C, I would also add a card reader.

Speaking of which, when did we engineers and designers decided that less ports was a good thing? I believe the uprising of hubs such as this one send a clear message: we need out connections. Until everything works perfectly well over Bluetooth, please let me connect my stuff and get higher speeds and more reliable connections.

Every time I think about upgrading my still reliable but increasingly tired notebook, I have to put the cost of all the extra dongles and hubs I’ll need just to have the same stuff connected.


Might have to look into this when it hit’s the UK market :grin:

My chromebook has two USB-C ports, so I’ll be just fine with this product and charging at the same time. I think most laptops are in the same boat. $60 is SPENDY though! I assume the price will drop fairly soon. I might pick one up then.

Too expensive!

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What kind of OS you are using?
The notebooks I am running are really more than “tired” :slight_smile:

Almost any usb c adapter is expensive, expecially when the add additional ports and ether net connections

I was the first reviewer of this hub on Amazon. Not only is it a well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing product, but it functions perfectly when multiple devices are hooked up to it. The quality of the build (and the hub being a USB-C device) justify the price.

Read my review, and then try it out for yourself:

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i’m surprised they would release a product at this price point without USB-C.

It looks like a useful travel tool and I could find this useful with my current setup. But I’m planning to make upgrades soon and the new external hard drives and other equipment will have USB-C connections.

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I’ve got this one (Mini Dock) and find it really useful. Expensive at full price, yes. Gives me all the ports I need on my little laptop when I am traveling (Card reader and HDMI out are the most commonly used. )

I keep meaning to do a review of it, possibly a job for the next few evening is to update a lot of my anker reviews!


That one looks better as it’s got power input, so more of a docking station.

I could use an USB-C hub with my Xiaomi Air. But let’s wait and see if the price drops.

$45.70 now with Amazon code ANKERHUB

MacOs High Sierra 10.13.4 on a mid-2012 MacBook Air. It seems that the internal fan can’t have any rest now, almost every task makes it run maximum cooling… That said, except for high-demand processing tasks - which, to be honest, is not what this particular notebook was designed for - everything still runs smoothly.