New speakers - Soundcore Boost and Select and Pro

All are IPX5 so for splashes but not forced water so good for accidental spillage.

Soundcore Boost:

20Watts speakers, 5200mah battery, can be used as a portable charger (1A output)



Soundcore Select

12W speakers

Soundcore Pro

Like the Boost has 5200mah but can charge at 2A output, 20W speakers.


Now as to when available I don’t know but if you look at say the Soundbuds Slim launched Feb 19th and tested by FCC on Dec 29 you see a rough 6 week gap hence the March 14th testing would extrapolate to late April.


It appears as though the Select has a micro usb charging input as well as an AC input… interesting.

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I don’t see that on any photo nor in the manual.


To me, it seems like the Select is probably the most affordable of the three (however it does have those unique charging options). As far as the other two, they may be priced similarly.

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Hmmmm… maybe this picture just randomly got thrown in there then: (?)

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I dont know where you saw that photo it might just be some charger they used to charge the speaker for testing the speaker.

If you look at the photos, the Select has Aux and power in, the Pro and Boost have Aux, Power in and Power out. There is no mains sockets anywhere on any of the items. They all have splash proof IPX5 and all have NFC pairing. The Boost has the “up” button to boost the base.

I own an Ootz Angle splashproof if I’m in the shower, and I won in a competition the Anker Sport XL which is with a family member. I lost my IE20 headphones and waiting for the next discount and will get the Slim.

Personally I keep coming back to the Nano to top up the sound level on my tablet as most used, I own the Mini but its not the splashproof and not the pocketability so its tending to not get used.


Also, with the SoundBuds NB10, it was about a 3 1/2 week gap, so these new speakers could be closer than we think.
In addition, judging off of the IE20s, it was just a 2 DAY difference!
With the SoundCore Sport, it was a difference of just over two weeks.
About 40 days with the SoundCore Mini.
The Nano was a one week gap.

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Not that close, because you can often guess the URL e.g. these doesn’t yet work:


When those URL work then it will be imminent.


Nice catch!

Bottom line is… Now is not a good time to buy a speaker from Anker.

Well the new speakers are more of a replacement for say this one
but being stereo and larger they aren’t really to replace the Nano or Mini.

None are the waterproof of the Sport XL which is IP67.

That’s true, but I would still wait if we’re talking Sport XL. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be support for BT 5.0 on any of the new speakers. Fortunately, there is NFC for the first time on any Anker speaker!

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From what you’re seeing, how much do you think these will be priced at?

Extrapolating, the 20W Boost and Pro would put it in a similar spec to the “premium” version which is $55, and I’d expect the Select to be less as its 12W, so nearer in price to the other smaller stereo speaker at $35.

So in the region of $30-$60 I’d say for the 3 speakers.

As always, look out for an early reviewer to offer a limited quantity of discount codes at launch.

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The Pro’s manual was created back on December 12.

Interesting read (well quick read at work). The ‘Select’ model looks like a 2nd generation of the normal SoundCore, likewise with the Pro version for the current premium model speaker. Nice that they will be splash proof as it kinda helps bridge the gap (to an extent) that is present between the first generation versions and the SoundCore XL.

Curious to know why they have gone for Pro and Boost versions, when the only difference appears to be 1A vs 2A charging output. If the one or the other was fully waterproof you could make a case that it is a next generation for the XL etc etc , unless the Boost is more bass heavy :confused:

We shall see going forward I guess…:imp:

I agree, Pro vs Boost look very similar specs. I’m wondering if only one will come to the market?

(pasting two languages as the English is not formatting well on my screen)

I’m wondering if only one will be launched, and its odd for same Watt input, the recharge times different, the Watts of the speakers the same but play time different, and odd the weights the same.

Pinch of salt, I suspect there are some errors here, which is not as rare as you think e.g. Fusion weight off Anker vs Amazon (hint: kitchen scales agree with Amazon) to prove the error capability of Anker. (and yes I email support to correct as I find them)

The boost has THD 1% whereas the Pro does not have that (in the audio output section). What does that mean?

Perhaps that is another sign that the Pro will be the flagship?