New Soundcore owner question

I am pretty impressed with the speaker but have a question. Knowing it’s a dual driver speaker are they stereo? The left speaker is WAY brighter sounding then the right and I wondered if perhaps there is a defect in the speaker I received. Thank you for any and all help.

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Probably not. I would assume one speaker is for mid-treble and the other would be for bass.

Can you please give us the model of the speaker you are talking about? The reason I ask for the model is that some speakers have active speakers which is powered and the others are passive radiators that are used to enhance the sound being pumped through the speaker

Model A3102

Thank you for the model, it is indeed a dual driver speaker and one that does Not utilize passive radiators so each speaker should be producing sound equally. But it could come down to the music being played and how it was recorded as well, I have listened to some music where the sound seems to travel around you due to the way it was recorded…any chance that may be what your experiencing?

Can I ask where you purchased the speaker from? if there is a warranty you can always reach out to