New Soundcore (original) aux-in mono?

I have just received a brand new Soundcore from Amazon. It was purchased because it was stereo and had an aux in, the need being to wire to my monitor for music, movies and tv.

I have plugged it in using the aux-in port and played a couple of stereo seperation tests and it appears that via aux-in I’m only getting mono sound.

I’ve tried two different sources and two different cables and I know that the cables are good as they worked with the Doss Soundbox that the Soundcore was meant to replace.


Can you tell us the model please, because there are many soundcore products :grinning:
What type of AUX-cable are you using.
(There are different types of plugs)

Hey thanks for the reply.

It’s the Soundcore 1 model A3102.

Yes I have tried two 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cables (not they’re not headset/mic) that worked perfectly with my Doss Soundbox.