New Soundcore demo idea


Would it be possible to code a demo version that could not load presets, but could save the ones made on just that one synth, with maybe the users email address used as serial number to unlock each session, and a full version granted after xxx number of quality sounds are designed, submitted, and accepted?

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

Thank you.

Hi @Noel_Blakley and welcome to the community. Not quite certain what you are meaning with a ‘demo’ version, though? :confused:

I’ve noticed on your past few posts that you are posting a link to an outside examples & hiring site, can you please give the community rules a once over to keep you on the right tracks, thanks :slight_smile:


Reading your post here, it seems to be associated with a question regarding a synth editing app…so apparently posting this is not the “right solution from the Internet” either.

Good luck in your quest for info however…:thumbsup: