New SoundCore crackle and breaking up

I have a new SoundCore and although it produces good sound, it crackles and breaks up (looses bluetooth connection) several times an hour.
The player devices are iPad2, iPhone SE, Dell XPS15.
Regardless of device or playlist used, spotify, pandora, amazon, the crackle and break up happens often.
Player devices are stationary and within 10-12 feet so motion isn’t causing it.

I contacted Support but communication ended with one email offering a vague response suggesting I try the speaker with a bluetooth connection because a few have the same complaint about bluetooth.

Is it reasonable to assume it’s defective or is it fixable?

So you are using an AUX cable if I read that right correct? I had a problem way back yonder when I used AUX as a means of connecting a device where the cable no matter what brand would casue music to become crackly, what caused it was just a mystery I tried to use an AUX to connect both soundcores I own (Nano& XL) since you didn’t specify what one you own. Both of mine crackle slightly when used as no matter what eventually the cable will move when you lift your phone or move it slightly causing a crackly or sort of pop. So that’s why I use bluetooth as a connection it is way better than AUX in my personal opinion. If you have to use AUX for whatever reason I suggest you recontact Anker at and address your concern they will be more than happy to assist you remedy the issue. :grin:

No. No AUX cable. Just Bluetooth connection.

So service is probably wanting you to test it without Bluetooth connection to determine if the speaker sound is good that way. Every Bluetooth speaker and headphone I own crackles when going to another song so I am used to it but it shouldn’t crackle in the middle of a song unless you are moving your paying device or the speaker.


It could be interference. Are there any microwaves being used nearby?

I got an anker sound core for Christmas and am having trouble too. it occasionally disconnects itself from bluetooth and when I’m working on my Mac while its connected to the speaker playing music, the sound crackles and breaks up frequently, despite the speaker being within a metre of my Mac with nothing between them blocking the signal. Any advice? It’s such a great speaker and gives me really good range from my phone, so I’m not sure what the issue is!

Beware of devices with multiple pairing, it lowers the performance.

I too have been experiencing this but I think identified the problem and found the soIution. I noticed it would only pop when I was listening to music from my phone but working on my Surface laptop nearby. I discovered that my phone was paired with my Surface, and hearing what nigelhealy said above me, turned off the Bluetooth on my Laptop.

Lo and behold, the popping stopped! I’ve been listening for the last half an hour to make sure it didn’t come back and not a hint of it. In reflection the popping was at relatively regular intervals, so the connection between the two devices must have been creating some sort of ping.

So check your device isn’t actively paired with anything else when using the speakers.

Hope this helps, the Soundcore mini is a cracking little speaker and I didn’t want to give up hope on it.


There is no true science here, it is just anecdotes.

What I reckon is happening is contention in the spectrum and contention inside some devices.

Just reduce everything down to the fewest devices paired, fewest with BT enable. Disable everything other than essential and use wired where you can.

Case in point is my tablet has a BT keyboard, my BT headset is choppy, if I disconnect the keyboard, the audio improves. Other recent example on a long flight yesterday, there was so much BT in a cramp places (dozens of people all feet away) my BT headphones would simply turn off (in disgust?).