New Soundbuds Lite


Looks to me to be an alternative to the Sports NB10 ?

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Looks more like something similar to the LG Tone, for example.

On the fence with this one, doesn’t seem to be an improvement on either the SoundBuds Slim or NB10’s, in fact almost a step backwards with the around the neck thing… :confused:

Reminds me a lot of the wireless TV listeners for those with hearing issues…maybe they are breaking into that market…

I expect with the likes of the microphone and battery inside the neck the in-ear buds will be lighter, and more battery life. If you read the owner reviews of a lot of Anker headphones its either a complaint that they fall out of the ear or they don’t last long enough on battery, so one way to please the market is have the weight around the neck so you have more battery life and it should be lighter on the ears.

The slim replaces the IE20, this new Lite is more for replacing NB10.

I’m getting the Slim, on next discount code, I lost my IE20 (I didn’t lose, I left in a meeting room and the person said they’d post them to me didn’t). I see the Easter giveaway may be offering the Slim.

The Slims don’t have the best sound quality, but they’re alright.

Sound good to me, certainly better than the non NB10 Sport model…

thought the same thing, my friend has these LG ones and the mic quality is horrible.

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I have no problem that the buds fall out. An that with battery time is not a problem with a powerbank anymore.

The Soundbuds Tag have just been released!

The Soundbud Slim fall out less easily than the IE20. I think its because they are lighter or it could just be a better shape? Regardless, I like the Soundbud Slim, I’m using them now!

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Not on Anker website in USA yet.

They are also calling it the IE20 UN

Ahh yes and I see the common Anker website errors.

Text says Tag and IE20 UN and note the photo shows what looks like the IE20 with the square magnetic ends and the FCC application is for a different product, with an explanation from an EM perspective its the same so they took the Tag product and molded the IE20 external magnetic shape onto it.

That may explain why the IE20 UN / Tag is 6 hours battery life vs the IE20 8 hours battery life.

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If these things have retractable ear buds, I’ll consider them. Otherwise, they’ll just a be mess of cables.

I really doubt they’d be retractable, the mechanism adds weight and hard to imagine it leading to anything reliable, if the cable is coiled up its going to lead to fragility. But we can wait and see! Probably only a couple of weeks more to wait.

The inside photo appears to me to be solder.

Possibly not called “lite”, the Tag ended up called IE20 UN.

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Odd they released it with the Life one in the works. The Lite and Life look too similar?

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SoundBuds Rise are now available at Walmart ($39.88) and Best Buy ($39.99).

They look very similar to the Lites.

Not sure I’m liking this whole offline thing with so many more different models.

So now 3 neckband models plus the long-awaited Soundcore Life NC.

Additionally, Best Buy is now selling a number of other audio products by Anker. Walmart has been for quite some time now.

Had them for not even amonth an wont rest or turn on