New Samples Canada

Looks like I missed the available products for testing this morning :cry: here in Canada…they had some good ones too:

Powercore II 20000
PowerTouch 10
PowerCore+ 26800

Have to be quicker on the trigger I guess!!!

I lucked out and got the last PowerTouch 10 and the Powercore’s were gone… First freebie ever from Anker, now to find a device that it can charge so I can review it. Never received any warning just happened to check this morning.

I missed out in it as well too. I have yet to be lucky enough to sample a product from anker yet. I’m kinda new to the power user program and was wondering is it by luck or do they send out an email to notify ppl of new products? I wish I could have got in on this last product sampling. I guess I will have to keep trying

I haven’t seen any products for AGES but I do now (again after ages) have codes. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: