New Roav product - Roav Smart Car-Charger Spectrum


Usual caveats with FCC postings, products may not be released, may be released different.

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Just beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Any theories on what the light ring would be used for? Can’t think of too many myself.

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The Roav VIVA app is not in the play store yet but the manual words hint it is similar to the one with a radio

It is a way to locate your car, I’m wondering if it has GPS?

I think its this product minus the radio

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What’s the difference with the Roav Car Charger and the Anker PowerDrive 2

I’m waiting for this Roav FM Transmitter to Land in the UK.

The app shows (minus the radio I suspect the functions you get, it seems to report back the last known input voltage so you can infer battery level and probably is using BT or Wifi to let you know which direction it is?

A powerdrive has no “smart” features it just outputs power. This one has 1 QC one non-QC.

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Cool. Looks decent. I love anything that needs an app :joy:

Sarcasm? - I hope :joy:

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No, I do actually love anything that needs an app. Tech/Gadget wise.

Love my Hue bulbs, Nest Thermostat, Sky TV, etc

I really want one of these locks for my front door :ok_hand:

This looks to be decent, if and when it does come to the market I would be interested to see how it charges compared to my other chargers in the car

Sarcasm? So you can make out the USB ports when it’s dark I would have thought… :smile:

Interesting product… I think I prefer the one with the bluetooth transmitting system.

I think the ring indicator has the same purpose than the LED on Android phones : warning the user that he/she has an unread notification.

On my car, the charging port is hidden under the handbrake lever, so I wouldn’t be really useful to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Anker is not the first to have the find my car feature. This goes to Nonda. I believe they were the first to do this. It uses an App and works via Bluetooth and for the geo location stuff, that’s via GPS on the phone or something (not true GPS on the device). I have it and if Anker wants, I can do a comparison review :wink: :smiley:

Spectrum is now up for sale on Amazon and is already on sale.

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