New Roav Dash Cam C1L

A new Anker product has just popped up on Amazon - this time, it’s from Roav.

We’re talking about the all-new Roav Dash Cam C1L.

You can order it right now and receive it in the September 19-22 timeframe!

As far as the differences between this and the rest of the Roav Dash Cams (remember, we have the C1, C1 Pro, C2, and now the C1L), I wasn’t able to find many. Let me know if you think you can spot any differences!


Interesting. I don’t see any difference between this and the original C1. Perhaps this is the “replacement” C1? I got an email from Anker about my replacement unit the other day, I should be getting it in the mail today. Let’s see if I’m right.


Not sure what’s the difference in the two. I wasn’t impressed with the first one they released.

It looks like the Dash Cam 2 looks a little like it might be a better build. Those operating temperatures are impressive. Living in Texas the temps in our cars can get pretty high. My concern on these dash cams is how long will they last in the heat and cold. If you had to hide from direct sun when parked, then it makes the parking features worthless.

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Just curious if this has better results due to temperature. I’ve read from other reviews about the first roav having problems with temperature above 80 degrees. Been holding out for a dashcam after anker works out all the kinks

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Same here. I’m holding out for the same reason. If Anker wants to send me one to test out, I would love to. But I plan to wait until there are some reviews on the new generation of dash cams.

I just received my C1 replacement unit. Looks like the same exact one I sent back… definitely not the C1L. I was just comparing the specs on the C1 to the C1L… only difference I see is the operating temperatures. On the C1, it’s 14-149 degrees F. On the C1L, it’s 19-149F? Other then that, looks like it’s the exact same dash cam. Did @AnkerOfficial rename the original C1 to C1L?

Upon further investigation, it seems that the C1 was renamed to C1L because the model number is the same … R21101L1.

Well, time to put it back in my car. :slight_smile: I’ve missed using it.

Interesting product, but the design is not the best.

You can now get the C1 with accessories previously exclusive to the C1 Pro.

Obviously the price will not be $150.