New Releases

Found through clicking on ‘New Releases’ on Anker’s homepage (you may have to scroll down, especially if you’re on mobile) or at the attatched link, I find the products here to be inaccurate and not new/in order. I would find it much more helpful if this page was actually correct to see what Anker has just finished working on/what is newer than others, but instead, I have to go through all the messy and inefficient work of going to Amazon, finding the product, scrolling all the way down to the features section, waiting for that to load, going to the bottom of that page, and then hoping that it has an accurate date. Then I have to go through that miserable process again for the next product and hope that I remember the date of the prior one so that I can actually make a comparison. I see no reason / barrier as to why this cannot exist accurately. And it is the number one major flaw with Anker at this point in time. Needs to be resolved. Im sure you guys will fix it. Not trying to be mean or too picky, just trying to help you guys out, and make a dedicated post for this. I would also appreciate if this were pinned by a moderator so that the word would get around and become know by Anker/any others wondering/curious

Love the customer service here at Anker. Haven’t been let down once.

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