New Releases | PowerWave 7.5W Wireless Charger UNBOXING

Wireless charging technology is destined to become more and more common, especially now that the latest iPhones support wireless charging.

While a traditional wired charger will get the job done, wireless chargers are a revolution in convenience. Forget about fumbling with cables! Just set your phone down, and charging begins instantly. What could be easier?

Today, we’re introducing PowerWave, our new line of wireless chargers. PowerWave 7.5 Pad and PowerWave 7.5 Stand both use Anker-exclusive technology to ensure optimized speed, performance, and compatibility.

Inside the box, we see PowerWave, a welcome guide, and accessories.

PowerWave 7.5 Stand includes the wireless charging stand, a 3ft PowerLine Micro USB cable, an Anker Quick Charge 3.0 charger, and the welcome guide.

PowerWave 7.5 Pad includes the wireless charging pad, a 3ft PowerLine Micro USB cable, an Anker Quick Charge 3.0 charger, and the welcome guide.

Most wireless chargers don’t come with a wall charger, but we want you to be ready to go right out of the box! That’s why we’ve also provided PowerLine, our premium durable USB cable, to get you started wireless charging as soon as you receive your PowerWave.

PowerWave’s surface is covered with soft, anti-skid TPU, which protects your phone while preventing slipping and sliding.

Now it’s time to set up! All we have to do is plug in the wall charger, then connect it to PowerWave using the included cable. As soon as we plug in, the LED will light up for about 3 seconds, then turn off again.

One great thing about PowerWave 7.5 Stand is that it’s equipped with dual charging coils, enabling you to charge vertically or horizontally. Enjoy videos at your desk, or set upright to view webpages at the perfect angle for Face ID.

Let’s see how PowerWave works on Samsung and iPhone.

Here we are charging iPhone X. We can see that the current and voltage are 12V and 0.958A, respectively, with the input calculated at 11.5W. Although that seems much higher than the 7.5W high-speed charge threshold for iPhone, wireless chargers have a 65% efficiency in power conversion. This means that iPhone X is receiving its ideal 7.5W charge.

Here we can see the Samsung Note 8 being charged with PowerWave 7.5 Stand. Since Note 8 detects whether incoming charging power meets its high-speed threshold, we can see at the bottom of the phone screen that the Note 8 is fast charging (at 10W).

The fastest, most compatible wireless charging series is arriving very soon! Are you looking forward to getting PowerWave on your desk or nightstand? What’s next in the world of wireless charging? Let us know in the comments!:sunglasses:

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While I don’t and won’t use wireless charging I know my wife will. She’s actually been hounding me to get here a wireless stand, so this will be perfect for Samsung phone. Can’t wait for it to be released


Would love to get a PowerWave for my iPhone X :slight_smile:


I’ve been debating on getting on this wireless charging bandwagon. But then I’d have to get an adapter for my phone… which kinda defeats the point x.x



But fortunately :innocent: I have no items which I may use for wireless charging. Old Ipad, old Iphone, old Ipod only!


I’d like the stand one! I use my phone to watch videos a lot this means I can keep charging it while doing so :slight_smile:


Just curious: is there any particular reason you don’t use wireless charging?

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Yes finally. Going to order

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While I do like the “set it down and forget it” conveinance, I play a lot of power hungry games and wireless charging would not be able to keep up. Not to mention with power hungry games comes additional heat and these most likely would go into safety mode because of it and then charge even slower

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I would be interested in having this mainly for work and just leaving it there since sometimes i forget my USB C cable at home. When im busy i can just leave my phone there charging and have a full a battery when i go home and start playing my power hungry games.


2 great products @AnkerTechnical
I really want to start using wireless charging and my next phone will no doubt hav the technology but just a few queries.

Have you made them for any other markets outside of the US yet?

Will you be supplying chargers in other countries too? Or just the US?

Just so I’m correct and can think ahead, Will I be using more electricity to charge my phone wirelessly than I would via a cable? Got to think of future costs and the environmental factors of wasting power.


this is so cool. Giveaway plz!


excellent review. looks great

Ah, that makes sense. I also find that as soon as I set my phone on the wireless charging pad, I immediately want to pick it up again to check it. :joy:


Looks great, @AnkerTechnical. How do these differ from the current PowerPort Wireless pad and stand? I’m guessing it’s just faster charging?

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They do save your charging port from wear and are fast enough for my note 8 with the 10watt pad.

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That last question is a good one. Usually a wired charger would be more efficient and use less power. They mention that wireless chargers are only 65% efficient so you’ll probably be using more electricity with one of these.

Here is a cool video about wireless charging you might be interested in


@AnkerTechnical I thought you stated this was released today? I don’t see it on amazon. I would love to order it. Any info would be great



When is this going to be available to order!? I wanna get it now!!!:persevere:

2nd EDIT: thought of a(n other) question.

I have the PowerPort Speed PD 5. If I’m using this on one of the USB-A ports, will I be able to take advantage of the maximum 7.5 for iPhone?

Will this be Qi Certified like the PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad?