[New Release] VIVA Pro is Now Available!

A few months after the launch of the original VIVA ($47.59, rated 4.0 :star:), Roav is releasing an upgraded version: VIVA Pro… Check it out!

Key Features

  • Alexa Inside: Amazon’s voice service gives you complete voice control in your car. Just say the word to get directions, ask Alexa to read an Audible book, shop online, play music, and more. Spotify will be supported as soon as available.
  • Voice Isolation: 2 integrated microphones provide noise cancellation and accurate voice identification.
  • High-Speed Charging: Dual charging ports equipped with Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ technology deliver blazing charging speeds to both driver and passenger.
  • Extensive Connectivity: Use in virtually any car by connecting via Bluetooth, Carplay, Android Auto, AUX-Out, or FM transmission.
  • What You Get: Roav VIVA Pro, Manual, Quick Guide, Happy Card, Skills Cards, 12-month warranty and our friendly customer service.

Again, the main differences with this model are the built-in FM transmitter, as well as the inclusion of an auxiliary output, in order to allow for compatibility across a wider range of vehicles.

Pricing and Availability: Roav’s VIVA Pro is available to order right now via Amazon US for a cost of $72.99 (was $69.99), and should begin shipping on September 12.

What are your thoughts on this new VIVA? If your vehicle isn’t compatible with the regular VIVA, are you interested in giving this a shot? Let us all know everything you’re thinking by leaving a reply!


I beta tested the original ROAV Viva (I can’t seem to find my review here) and liked it for the most part, but was hoping Anker would have released the car charger with two USB-C PD ports or with one USB-C PD port and one PowerIQ 2/QC 3.0 USB-A port. Leaving out USB-C PD was a mistake in my opinion.

As for the app, I’d also like for them to borrow the “Car Parking Locator” found in the ROAV Spectrum charger.

I’d also like for them to include durable right angle USB cables for those situations where the USB ports might be blocked due to tight spaces in the dashboard or console.


All excellent pieces of advice right there! :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like VIVA Pro is getting PD or PowerIQ 2.0, and while we can’t entirely rule out one or both of the ports being USB-C based on the information provided, it still seems unlikely. :unamused:

As far as the inconvenient location of the ports, I know many other reviewers had the same complaint, but it doesn’t look like that’ll be changing anytime soon. I agree with you though, even just a right angle cable would be better than the current solution.

In terms of not being able to find your review, it’s quite possible @AnkerOfficial deleted it. That’s what happened to my post about the VIVA several months before its launch as I had been able to locate the Amazon link with information and pictures. Completely removed; gone. It’s a shame, I know. :sob:

Finally, just out of curiosity, were you using the VIVA with iOS or Android?

That’s unfortunate to read. Why are we steering away from USB-C? There are plenty of Android phones out there that use this future proof technology. It seems odd that Anker would refrain from that, particularly since it’s faster and dependable.

I’m using a Samsung S8…so the Android app.

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Take advantage of Alexa’s 25,000+ skills in any car with AUX-Out and FM Transmission.

Looks virtually the same as the original VIVA. Main differences appear to be the inclusion of an aux port and the ability to transmit via FM, which expands its compatibility to just about every vehicle. Hopefully there’s some additional under-the-hood differences. :crossed_fingers:

Thoughts? And what are we thinking in terms of pricing?

I would love to see Google Assistant support on the new VIVA

For me, I don’t need any more charging ports in my vehicle (GMC Terrain). Of course, it never hurts to have too many charging ports (I’m not complaining), but most new cars today have USB ports as a standard option. Moreover, my charger is located inside my center console to hide the cords when not in use.
EDIT - To clarify, the charger that I use (SmartCharge Spectrum), is located in my center console. The VIVA is located towards the front of the vehicle, in an area that’s a little tucked away. The area that houses the cigarette lighter is pretty tight. Since the charging ports are on the “bottom” of the VIVA, this doesn’t really work for me.

I think it would be cool if Roav/Anker came out with a version that had the charging ports and another version without the ports which would be smaller and at a cheaper price point.

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The charging ports on the bottom is a no go for me, my lighter port is literally inches from my shifter and center console so I wouldn’t be able to charge anything if I had this plugged in. Shame really, even if they made one with an in integrated cable for USB c/micro usb/ lightning cable I’m sure it would sell just as good or well as the original if not better

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VIVA Pro is now available to order via Amazon US for a cost of $72.99, not $69.99. Thoughts?

VIVA Pro has a new Amazon link!


Available to order right now for $72.99 and should begin shipping on September 12.


I have just one question. Can any of the owners of a Viva/Viva pro check which languages are supported by Alexa within the device?


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I received the answer from Roav’s support team:

«Thank you for contacting Roav customer support.
We really appreciate you reaching out and letting us know your concern.
We are sincerely sorry to let you know that VIVA Supported Regions are: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France. Alexa can interact with customers in US-English, UK-English, CA-English, German, French.
The Spanish voice command is currently not supported at this stage. Apologized for any inconvenience caused. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.»


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After one week of use, I can’t be more satisfied with this purchase. I did a car trip last week (6 hours drive) and I found it wonderful to ask for the news, destination weather forecast, play music (from my Flow on Deezer), my favourite radio stations… and all of that with just asking it to Alexa… This is a great product! Hope Anker will keep making this kind of products! (I even managed to make Alexa speak Spanish!!!)

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Awesome, thanks for sharing your experience, @Hector_Prades!

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