[New Release] Spirit Pro GVA | Soundcore’s First Earbuds with Google Assistant!

Soundcore recently released its first earbuds with Google Assistant… Take a look at Spirit Pro GVA!


#Using the Google Assistant

Pricing and Availability: Soundcore’s Spirit Pro GVA is available to order now via Walmart for a cost of $49.88, and should begin shipping immediately. It is unclear whether or not this will be available on Amazon in the future.

What are your thoughts on Soundcore’s first earbuds with Google Assistant? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

Speaking of Soundcore products with voice assistants, we are still awaiting Flare S+ (speaker with Alexa) and Spirit X2 (earbuds with Alexa). Stay tuned for more information on those as their releases near.


Thanks for sharing @joshuad11

As in Bolt, does it connect to the Google Assistant on Smartphone and perform actions OR does it have any specialized chip to function the Google assistant actions?

How different are these from google pixel buds?

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I’m sorry but if you already have an android phone, Any bt headphone can access Google assistant, generally all it takes is a double press of the multimedia button.
So what’s the purpose of these?

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Thanks for the heads up @Tank :ok_hand:

Reported and link removed. Hopefully the community upgrades will trigger blocking of spam posts quicker.

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I have been beta testing these for a few months now. Will do review soon :grin:


It uses phone’s google assistant. Doesn’t work without it.

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My Bose QC35II supposedly have Google Assistant “built in,” but all processing happens on the phone and requires Google’s app.

Those sound really cool! Would love to see a pair with Alexa!

thank you @kumar.sachin then in that case as @Tank mentioned, there is no clear purpose for these new headsets, unless new feature is announced for them.

Thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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The thing that stands out most to me is bluetooth 4.2, not 5.0. Feels like at this point 5.0 should be Soundcore’s standard.

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I agree that BT 4.2 is a problem at this point… I also hate that these are only available through Walmart. If I can’t buy something from amazon then it is a huge hinderance from me purchasing it. The first review also worries me

this may be a repeat of connectivity issues we saw with Bolt… the user in review did not mention his phone type - iOS or Android…

clearly more testing was required before being released into market :frowning:

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Do you guys really use the google assistant while using the headphones?

I’ve never found phone assistants to work well through earbuds. Siri, bixby, or google assistant. I think if it was built in it would work much better.

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hmmm very interesting

Thanks for sharing. I’m guessing this is aimed towards the people who want an assistant on their earbuds and don’t bother to check the specs of the item

Android phones have the assistant listening all the time… is this headset really required for Google Assistant? I doubt it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Exactly my point in that its available for any BT device connected to android phones

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Also, visually looks exactly like Spirit and features such as BT 5.0 is not available as in Spirit…