[New Release] Soundcore Life NC Finally Available!

Soundcore’s latest release was announced over a year ago, and has changed names twice since… Take a look at Life NC; no, Journey U; no, Life NC!

Features & details

  • Crystal-Clear Calls: Four microphones built into the neckband are equipped with uplink-noise- cancellation technology to eliminate background noise and boost voice clarity.
  • Hi-Res Audio: Custom 12 mm drivers deliver professionally-tuned sound with a rich, immersive sound signature, superior clarity, and Hi-Res audio compatibility.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Block out ambient sounds for distraction-free listening, or turn on Transparency to interact with the world around you.
  • Extended Playtime: Enjoy 10 hours of listening in noise-canceling mode, or increase to 15 in standard mode.
  • Flight Mode: Use the provided Micro USB-to-3.5 mm AUX Cable to continue enjoying music at 30000 feet.

Pricing and Availability: Soundcore’s Life NC is available to order right now via Amazon US for a cost of $99.00, and should begin shipping immediately.

Be sure to share your thoughts on Soundcore’s latest release. Are you excited that Life NC is finally available? Let us know everything you’re thinking by replying down below!


Thanks for the update but I can’t afford those right now better start saving up


Yeouch on the price.


Ahead of a review, the obvious concerns are it’s battery life seems a little low and the price.

I’m sure we’ll see $60 price.


Thanks for sharing :clap:

I’ve been beta testing these for over 5 months now. These are pretty amazing :slight_smile:

Review coming soon…


The next earbuds I get are going to be soundcore. Could these ones be used while doing landscaping? Are they durable enough?

WTH! I just purchased a pair of Jaybird Tarah Pro. If these would have been out then I would have jumped all over it. I was looking for a set of earbuds that has a big battery (14 hrs on the Tarahs) because of the time spent traveling. With 12mm drivers the sound must be amazing! But you would think the size of the neckband you would have 100 hrs of use

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I was really excited for these when they were first announced. Unfortunately, in the passage of time, I have purchased stuff (from Anker) that fulfill the needs these would have. So, passing on these, but they look awesome!

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Finally, been waiting on this…

Do these like other high priced earbud bands retract the ear buds?

The price is high but I bet it will drop. Nice to see you can use these on air plane (haven’t flown in 5 years). I thought airlines lifted the ban on Bluetooth devices? If not I will have to remember to bring my AUX cables on my next flight.

No retractable cable on these. Earbuds are magnetic though so they stick together when not in use.

These have 2 batteries. A 100 mAh and a 200 mAh. Total 300 mAh that gives it 10 hr with ANC on and 15 hr with ANC off.


Check its IPX rating. I use to do landscaping in Texas. In the summer they were always wet and dirty at the end of the day. I found at that time the Slims+ worked great. The newer lines have better ratings. My Spirit X are great for landscaping, gym works outs, general farm work and other outdoor activities.

They look like some nice earbuds. But I’m gonna have to wait on a price drop. That’s way out of my budget right now

So I’m am shortly off on a long 1 week trip involving 2 6 hour flights and I’m packing my Bose QC35, using them on the flight then overnight and between times using some Slim+. So Slim+ when moving, and Bose when sat still.

I really like the Life for battery life, convenience, BUT the noise isolation of the Life is not very good, the Slim+ are better. I use the Slim+ for short flights, but the Bose for long flights.

The problem with the Bose I bought, and those NC over-ear type I got as a gift from Anker, is their packed size.

I’d love something NC as good as the Bose with the good battery life which were this form factor. So these Life NC look a perfect answer to me but at $130 I’d have to wait on reviews or be gifted one by Anker to review.

Well, wether or not they’re good for landscaping is not just based on there waterproofing. They also need to be generally durable earbuds.

I always find those neck-wrapping wireless phones a little bizarre. Never tried one, but I can’t see the appeal…

Yet, it’s the only earphone/headphone model appearing on the SoundCore app. Anyone know why?

I can understand why bizarre but try it.

  • the weight is so spread out, it is not an issue, around the neck, you quickly do not sense that neck weight.
  • the weight pulling on the ear is just a thin wire so the buds in the ears stick in better, means better ear comfort, you do not need the hooks in the ears to keep them in place.
  • of all Anker’s audio products the Life is my most used. I have gifted away a lot of other products Anker gave me. These Life NC are similar in design so give me optimism. My fear is they made the buds bigger and ruined the Life benefits in the Life NC. I own the Spirit and I less-like them to the Slim+ as the in-ear parts heavier less comfortable.

I do not run / jog all my needs are walking / biking / planes / sitting.

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