[New Release] SmartCharge F3

Roav is preparing to release another in-car FM transmitter… Take a look at SmartCharge F3!

Key Features

  • Hassle-Free Usage: The newly added automatic unoccupied-frequency search feature eliminates the need of searching for vacant channels manually.
  • Upgraded to Bluetooth 4.2: Enjoy crystal-clear music quality and phone calls delivered over the stable wireless connection.
  • Hear Only What You Want: Noise-cancellation technology eliminates road and wind-noise so only the important audio gets through in your phone calls.
  • Quick Charge 3.0: Advanced technology provides high speed charging for your device.
  • What’s in the Box: Roav SmartCharge F3, Owner’s Manual.

Pricing and Availability: Roav’s SmartCharge F3 will be available to order soon via Amazon US. Feel free to speculate on what you think the cost will/should be.

What are your thoughts on Roav’s latest in-car transmitter? Is this something you would consider giving a shot? Let us know everything you’re thinking by replying!

Personally, I’m wondering why Bluetooth 5.0 isn’t included.


Finally, I been waiting for something like this. Love the smart channel selection, and the addition of qc3.0 will fast charge any of our phones. Hopefully pricing isn’t more than 35…that’s the price of the one I wanted to buy from a different company

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I have something very similar to this and paid $13.85 on Amazon Lightning Deal. I think its normal retail was around $17. So thinking this new ROAV needs to come in around $20 or less.

Is there no volume control on the device itself? I ask because FM transmitters often have a bit of a background hissing noise and I find the best way to minimize it is to turn the phone media volume all the way up, then the transmitter all the way up, and finally, if necessary, the car stereo volume.

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I’ve been using the F0 for a while now, and there isn’t enough in the F3 to get me to switch. Bluetooth 5.0 & keeping two charging ports would have helped.


I’m not much of a fan of something like this, where it stick up and out. But I can see how it would be safer to use since the controls are higher.


On my car, the socket is almost on the floor in between the two front seats. It’s helpful for me to have the arm.

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Looks bulky; not something I’m a big fan of.

I don’t think this looks bulky at all it is Tiny compared to some of the similar designs by competitors. It’s not for everyone but if your socket is in an awkward position this solves the problem. I do agree that Bluetooth 5.0 should have been included though :man_facepalming:

Wonder if it will be able to play music from a thumb drive through the USB port like the Roav F2🤔


Should have mentioned that the automatic search for empty channels is a nice feature. I drive from the NYC suburbs to Boston a few times a year and it would be nice to not have to fiddle with everything at highway speeds when I need a new channel!


I have to disagree about BT 5.0, I dont think for a product I side your car will make any difference.

1.) Bt 5.0 touts extended range which is moot for a device that remains inside your car and will only ever be connected when your phone is in the car.

2.) Bluetooth 5 doubles the bandwidth by doubling the speed of transmission, which in a car with a device within its confines space would be fractions of a millisecond that your ears and brain cannot discern from 4.2’s transmission

3.) Low power consunption… also a moot point since this device draws its power directly from the car. Your phone will generally be powered up while in the car as well.

UGH tere is no added benefit of having BT 5.0 with this device, it’s just an added cost that’s unnecessary

I think the ability to pair more than one device at a time would have been nice Bluetooth 5.0 also suffers from less interference

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Now up on Amazon US at $35.59 , delivery after Christmas with stock due 7th January 2019


Today it’s $29.99 on the Amazon US, arrives before Christmas.

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Price’s a bit off. Also if there’s no on/off switch I’m not buying - Ford Focus 12V outlet stays on even with ignition off - don’t want this gadget do drain car battery in case I forget to unplug it after every ride.

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I got mine for about $20 on amazon a couple weeks ago.

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