[New Release] Second Generation Lumi Stick-On Night Lights

eufy has released a new generation of night lights… Here’s a look at what has changed with Lumi!

Features & details

  • TWO BRIGHTNESS MODES: Set the ideal amount of glare-free lighting to guide you in the dark.
  • AUTOMATIC ILLUMINATION: When light sensor perceives darkness, the motion sensor activates lighting when movement is detected.
  • EXPANSIVE FIELD-OF-VIEW: The sensor detects motion within a 120° angle, ensure the area you’re walking by is illuminated before you get there.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Just stick the adhesive back to any surface to add instant and automated lighting.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Lumi Stick-On Night Lights x3, Screws x6, Wall Plugs x6, User Manual, Happy Card

Pricing and Availability: eufy’s Second Generation Lumi Stick-On Night Lights are available to order now via Amazon.com for a cost of $16.99, and should begin shipping immediately.

What are your thoughts on eufy’s second generation of night lights? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


That is awesome! This is now on my list to buy! @joshuad11 should have included a link to amazon … Just easier to get to the product instead of searching for it


Thanks for sharing! They look cool! I may buy some of these!


The only difference I see to those I have installed here, are the 2 modi of brightness.

Mine, I would call the old model:
Motion detection with 120°, 4 adhesive points on the back, screws and wall plugs, 3 AAA batteries.

Great and very useful little torches…
I like and need them.


Never glued or even screwed those.
So they are mobile.
Batteries can be changed easily.
Before placing it you need to find out were really the best place is.
I put them often on the door frame.

Take a further look to the descriptions and as you dont have these, you should not “review”.


I’m sorry about being so hasty to judge. I will be editing my post above. I am actually seriously considering buying some of these now…


No problem!


Whoops, my bad! Updated.


Hi Franz. How long do the AAA batteries last before you need to change it and where are you placing it? Thanks. :)[quote=“joshuad11, post:8, topic:68561”]
Whoops, my bad! Updated.

Slacker! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


I have mine now for 1/2 a year.
Havent changed the batteries.

But of course it depends where you install these and how often they are switched on.
I suppose they will last for a year or more, depends on the quality of the batteries also.

I placed some in the basement.
One in a guest bathroom without window downstairs., some in the stairways,.
I usually put them on top of the doorframes and never glued or screwed.

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@Chiquinho Thanks for the reply. I’ve purchased similar lights before to put in my closet but when I really needed it, the darn thing completely drained my batteries. It was those puck lights.


I would recommend the LUMIS.
And I can imagine : A real need in a dark bathroom! :wink:

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@Nhi stick some Duracell batteries in them and you should easily get a year or more out of them. They don’t drain the batteries or anything like that and ones like Duracell are great for holding the juice inside the battery.

I have one situated on the wall in the bathroom and it comes on multiple times in the night when people go to the toilet. They are plenty bright if you have a small bathroom. :slight_smile:


I could use in my wardrobe and bedroom cupboard.

Neither gets a lot of natural or artificial light, Esp the cupboard. So lights that auto come on, would be handy.

And finding the loo in the night Mac! :joy:


@Anjou1888 only the bracket sticks to the wall not the light itself. If you go down the sticking route make sure it’s gonna be the lights permanent home.

One of the biggest pluses about these is that if one of the lights die or break you can just slide it out and easily slide a new one in without having to use another bracket. :slight_smile:


Oh that’s cool. I wonder if you can by the brackets by themselves? So they can be moved quickly and easily… although a random bracket on my your wall may not look too flattering :joy:


At least you didn’t show you using them :wink:

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@joshuad11 always revealing info on new products :heart: :thumbsup:

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