[New Release] Roav 6ft USB Hardware Kit (DashCam Duo)

Roav has now released their first standalone USB hardwire kit, compatible with the recently released Roav DashCam Duo!

  • 24/7 Surveillance: Connects directly to your vehicle’s battery to deliver an uninterrupted supply of power to your dash cam. Capture reckless drivers and other hazards, 24 hours a day.
  • Power for All: Compatible with 12V-30V vehicle batteries. Bring power to cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, buses, commercial trucks, and more.
  • Hassle-Free Set Up: Plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD-II port for safe and speedy setup.
  • Low-Voltage Protection: The built-in safety system automatically shuts off power to the dash cam when your vehicle’s battery is running low, preventing any further drain on the battery.
  • What’s in the Box: 6 ft USB Hardwire Kit, 3M tape, our 12-month product replacement warranty, and friendly customer service.

Roav’s USB hardwire kit is now available to order via Amazon US for a cost of $15.99 with stock due in on 6th June.


I love this thing, I have been using it with the dashcam duo and it kept my cam powered for im very a week before shutting itself down due to low battery. Best part is i was able to start my car right up without issue after it had shut down.


Looks nice :+1:. Curious as to why you posted it in two places?

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Posted as standalone topic with it being a standalone product…also mentioned under @joshuad11 DashCam Duo topic due to it’s compatibility…not really different from some other members posting variations :thinking: :wink:


Interesting… Not sure how I feel about using OBD-II port.

This would interfere with anyone using the silly car insurance modules to get lower insurance, or anyone who monitors their car’s performance via OBD-II actively.

I was just thinking the same. I suppose it’s easier than using a fuse tap in the dashboard fusebox though (which I did, and it wasn’t hard, but not for the faint of heart).

Oh I agree, I like the idea. Its a simple solution for the dash cam power problem

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Were you testing it with Dashcam Duo or randomly connected any other device?

Both, It was sent to me with the dashcam duo but i also used it to keep my phone charged while in the car. I also used it to power my wireless charger… as void this as it’s way slower than cord charging :joy:

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Though the wired-kit says it has all the protections and blah blah… and more, I would not use it with any other product than the DashCam Duo, since only this Duo has the provision to power ON and shut off as necessary … In cold season, if the battery is really low, and this wired kit is used… dont want to depend on the odds that my battery will still survive

I was really testing the limits of it, adderall that’s what I was suppose to do as part of beta testing something. Push it to the limits and report back

absolutely… i mentioned it because i too tested it the same way :smiley:

this was more of a foot note for all users / members who plan to use it (wired kit) … use it with caution knowing its limitations and products it will be used with!


Is OBDII powered all the time, though? I thought it was only powered when the car’s power was activated by the key?

I know my fusetap location is only live when the key is in and turned to the On position. In other words, the camera (or anything plugged in) won’t be powered/charging if your vehicle is turned off.

Certain wires within the obd port are always active hence why this works

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Looks interesting but I don’t know how about having it connected directly to your car’s battery.

Nice deal!!! :ok_hand:

@Nhi that’s a bit misleading, it doesn’t connect to the car battery directly but it taps into the power output from your OBD port and it monitors the battery voltage and shuts off it it drops below a certain threshold

I have a dual output obd adapter, so on one load in have this and another load I have my elm32 module for use with the Torque app. My cars tuned so I do like to monitor things and that’s the best app to do so.

I feel like anyone who knows that there is a splitter for OBD is just going to hardwire into a fuse lol…

Is there even any other app besides torque honestly?

I use the OBD2 Fusion app (paid app on Apple Appstore) … it’s pretty good