[New Release] PowerPort III Duo (with PowerIQ 3.0)

Anker has just released its first wall charger with multiple PowerIQ 3.0 ports… Take a look at PowerPort III Duo!

Features & details

  • Universal High Speed - From iPhone to Samsung to USB-C tablets and more, Anker’s signature PowerIQ 3.0 technology provides high-speed charging to virtually any mobile device.
  • Wide Compatibility - Works flawlessly with USB-C phones, tablets, and more.
  • Travel Ready - Designed to be taken anywhere with a compact design and foldable plug.
  • Superior Safety - Anker’s exclusive MultiProtect safety technology provides complete protection for you and your devices.
  • What You Get - PowerPort III Duo wall charger, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerPort III Duo is available to order now on Amazon for a cost of $29.99, and should begin shipping on June 26.

What are your thoughts on Anker’s first wall charger with multiple PowerIQ 3.0 ports? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

I am currently in the process of deciphering Anker’s lineup of wall chargers for an upcoming buying guide.


Thanks for sharing. Because I own plenty of Powercore, my challenge is not needing fast wall chargers as my devices are commonly nearly full, my challenge is making good use of time near a wall socket to recharge everything.

So I’m seeking many more ports and intelligent use of Wattage.

IQ3 is a clever idea but it needs the matching IQ3 Powercore, so I can be moving with Powercore keeping my devices charged, and then plug the devices and the Powercore into a many port charger


:crazy_face: Silly, this isnt a review but rather a new product announcement


That’s my main issue with most of Anker’s latest wall chargers. Plus the fact that they aren’t using gallium nitride in many of them. And I don’t really like that they’re using the exact same enclosure for multiple different chargers… I’m sure it’s more efficient for them, but many devices are probably unnecessarily large for consumers as a result.

While I’d definitely like to see this, PowerPort Atom PD 2 concerns me a little bit. In theory, multi-port chargers should be smaller than carrying multiple single-port chargers, right? But Atom PD 2 is significantly larger and heavier than two Atom PD 1s are. Sure, you’re getting more power, but it doesn’t seem worth the trade off to me if you don’t have devices that require that much power.


Guess I should have created this topic in the product reviews category to earn more points and PowerBucks :sweat_smile:


Sorry. I Think It was Review…

Looks nice, but nothing too exciting. Got an Aukey PA-D2 for $2 more, but it can output up to 30W on a single port if you aren’t using the second port (18W on each port when both are being used) which is a bit more flexible. They are practically the same size as well.

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I just picked up a Power Port II and it works great for my needs. For me its a little early to really need multiple PD ports.

I wish they would change the case design a little so customers can tell them apart.


So for the drive for just one charger, are the desktop chargers getting better power?

I’m a.simole example of a required set up… USBC/decent power for wireless and quickie for my Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, plus I need extra socket for the Mrs phone, and one more (at least) for headphones/speaker/powerbank (so maybe another 2 outputs).

I’d also not want to take my good charger on trips, so need a spare … Wouldn’t want to leave behind …

Of course, I’d need 3 micro-usb for Mrs n accessories, a decent micro-usb for wireless stand, and USBC/USBC for a quickie!

Plus 2 6fters of each for travel.

Not very eco, but practical!

Will you be doing a recycling service?
So if we buy a new Anker, do we get an envelope to send you the old one, so you can recycle it… Same with leads?

PowerPort Atom PD 4 is the latest desktop charger from Anker, which has been unavailable for quite some time now. Admins say it should be available again soon, though.

The PowerPort II has me covered for right now. I will still end up gettin this charger but it will be down the line. Not anytime soon

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I think this will be the same for me. I need more USB-C devices before I can justify getting a two port PD charger.


Need this in black!

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So this 4-day business trip I just completed, I had gadgets:

  • Lenovo laptop, takes 45W PD, USB-C
  • Huawei tablet, takes 18W, USB-C
  • OnePlus phone, takes 18W, USB-C
  • LG Watch Urbane 2, low wattage, TypeA
  • Anker Slim+ buds, MicroB
  • Bose QC35, MicroB
  • Anker Powercore Slim 5000, MicroB
  • Anker Powercore 10000, MicroB.

Chargers - only one of them Anker, because of this very issue:

  • Anker PD 60W, single port. It can only charge one device, the Lenovo or Huawei at 45W or 18W resp.
  • Supplied 18W Huawei charger, to charge the tablet while the laptop is charging - because Anker doesn’t make a decent 2 port charger with 45W + 18W - although I think this has recently changed but not a UK model (and I’m in UK shortly so not buying any more USA-only chargers)
  • Supplied 18W OnePlus charger
  • A dual-port 12W Aukey - Anker does make one now looking identical.

So when I get to hotel room I’m plugging in the laptop, tablet, phone, buds, watch, so I get to a minimum 4 socket, and used 3 wall sockets. For size I’d like it 60W and share the power intelligently. A 60W charger is sufficiently big it can accomodate probably 3 USB-C and 2 legacy TypeA for make a 5 port charger.

For my roadtrip I’m needing at least 3 USB sockets for two phones and a tablet, possibly 4 sockets to recharge Bose I’d used overnight.

I’d quite like a C7 “desk” charger like the Powerport 5, so I can swap the cables to the country and carry short USB cables. Anker does make something close - the Powerport 5 USB-C but its not intelligent, too many Type A not enough USB-PD.

Rant over.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It’s due to Shenzhen making for so many brands.

I’m in a very similar situation.

HP Laptop - Takes 75W PD USB-C
Pixel 3a - 18W USB-C
Bose QC35 - Micro B
Kindle - Micro B
PowerCore 10000 PD - 18W USB-C

I can deal with the Pixel 3a and PowerCore 10000PD with my Aukey PA-D2 which does 18W on each port, and with it doing 30W on a single port, it can handle the Laptop over night if I time it right.

@Ankerofficial When is there a UK plug version?

When is there a 3 to 6 port C7 corded “desktop” version? (international therefore, just different C7 plug on far end of the cable).

Request: add a legacy port so it becomes a 3 port version. So can recharge a IQ3 Powercore + IQ3 device + legacy (typically audio device). So then the person travels all day away from power, keeps their devices powered with IQ3 Powercore, then gets access to a wall socket and recharges device + buds + Powercore in the fastest time. Good for those who are off-grid a lot and want to make use of 2-3 hours indoors.

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Don’t you know prof, ankers friends in Shenzhen say they can’t make international plugs only USA type.

Just because all the other companies coming from the same factory can doesn’t count :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I won an Atom III and its the UK plug version so these do exist. I’ll be united with it in September. I think I’d prefer the Duo as I won’t own anything needing as much as 45W PD unless I buy, say, a Chromebook with 45W PD.


I thought you already had a device that requires 45W PD (?).