[New Release] PowerPort II PD (2 Ports) is Now Available!

This is the first of the new wall chargers unveiled at CES. We know of at least four more. You can learn more here.

The PowerPort II PD features one USB-C Power Delivery port, capable of delivering 30W at the typical PD standards, and one PowerIQ 2.0 port, which seems to have been tweaked slightly.
Now, the PIQ2 port appears to output a max of 19.5W vs 18W previously. The exact charging specifications remain unavailable, so we don’t know what’s changed, but feel free to speculate!

The PowerPort II PD comes in at 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches. For reference, the PowerPort II measures 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.1. For weight, we’re looking at 2.4 oz, which is actually lighter than the PowerPort II, which clocks in at 2.9 oz. Impressive!

As far as pricing and availability, the PowerPort II PD goes in stock March 21 on Amazon for $36. This product is not available to order from the Anker website just yet.

It’s good to finally see more PD products from Anker, and I’m excited for the others we should see releasing very soon!


Anker often makes errors, let’s wait on the weight.

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What? No way!

I see what you did there…

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Nice, can’t wait to possibly get one. Will work great with my wife’s phone and whichever I choose to get next as well

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Nice find! I’m glad to see more USB-C wall chargers.

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So I am assuming this would be perfect for the person who has a USB-PD laptop and a QC3 phone. This person now has 1 charger.

We do look forward to being able to drive deeper into the more taxing situations of someone who also has a powerbank. Which Powerbank would they have? Most laptops would be lasting long enough to not need a Powerbank so chances are they’d have a QC3 Powerbank. So then they’d ideally therefore like 2 QC3 and 1 PD.

I mention this as I did a 4-day business trip with a 15W tablet, OnePlus DASH phone, the Powercore II 6700, Powercore 10000, Slim+, Life, LC40, Powerport4 and the Aukey 12W dual socket and I think about 5 cables to recharge everything at once. I used the power socket on the two flights to land with fully charged phone and used the Powercore 10000 to keep my tablet charged during the day and the Powercore 6700 to recharge my buds. Anything which compacts it down one notch smaller is of interest. I travel as light as possible because that allows to walk and change flights and not care about last to board flights.

If I were to imaging my perfect setup would be:

  • USB-PD laptop
  • USB-PD phone
  • USB-C Life
  • USB-C Slim
  • USB-PD dual socket powerbank with a high power output port and a trickle charge output port so it can recharge buds
  • USB-PD 4 socket output Powerport to recharge laptop+phone+powerbank+buds

Anker products are looking nicer and nicer every release! I’m more a function over form kind of person but its always nice to get both!

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Interesting products, PD + IQ2 --> charge everything

Nice. Finally a two port wall charger with USB-C PD. I’d like to see this in Black matte finish but with the USB-A port utilizing Quick Charge 3.0.

Your missing the point and benefit of iq 2.0 with voltage boost. As @NTran said with this you can fast charge any device not just devices that have qc 3.0 circuitry


Now showing up on anker.com but still unable to order.


Same weight on anker.com listing.

PowerIQ 2.0 is at least as fast or a little faster than Quick Charge 3.0, and works for devices that don’t have QC3.0 technology

Already ordered this one. Any idea on when the PowerPort 4 with PD will release as well?

That’s the one that may take the longest because of the app that is also in development, but no timeline has been provided yet.

There is a huge market out there in countries like United Kingdom and Singapore, who use UK plug and Anker seems to be isolating them out over and over again. :frowning:

Manual says weight is 4.6 oz… They must’ve decided that 2.4 oz was too light.


Relates to what we said in the survey, the error rate of Amazon is high, as if the person who populates Amazon has weak English skills and/or is given wrong data, as when you care to think you see it must be an error.

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$25.66 with code SUPERPD2 til end of tomorrow Friday 13th PDT.

That strikes me as a very good price for what you’re getting.

I have no need, no PD and no QC devices.

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Agree. I’m waiting for dual PD PowerPort, which I will buy.