[New Release] PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable

Following a number of requests in the Community, Anker has finally released a 3-in-1 cable.

As always the case with Anker, the Lightning connector is MFi certified, so you won’t have any issues charging Apple devices.

Key Features

  • One for All: Charge any of your devices with the interchangeable, built-in Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors.
  • Enhanced Durability: Extreme reinforcement keeps internal wiring protected from trauma and degradation.
  • Charge Fast: MFi certification from Apple, and strict quality testing ensure all your devices are charged safely, at their fastest possible speed.
  • A Cable for Life: We’re so confident about PowerLine II’s long-lasting performance that we gave it a hassle-free, lifetime warranty.
  • What You Get: Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable, a hassle-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerLine II 3-in-1 is available to order right now via Amazon US (see links below) for $14.99 and should begin shipping immediately.

What are your thoughts on Anker’s 3-in-1 PowerLine II cable? Is this something that could come in handy for you or do all of your devices use the same charging port? Let us know everything you’re thinking by replying!


One cable for multiple use.:sunglasses:


One cable to rule them all​:joy::joy:


My thoughts.

I’ve micro and C devices and always care those tiny converter plug with me. If they aren’t lost that is. So this is most certainly progress.

I can’t find the length… Whenever possible I use 1ft cables. And that’s because Anker doesn’t sell 1/2 feet cables :slight_smile:

Would I buy it? Never. The reason for that negativity is:


My USB-C device draws 4A and this cable is only rated for 3A.
I guess the cable is geared to QC which draws 3A max. But even then the cable is a bit underspecced because I prefer a little overhead.

The micro plug is good enough for most of my devices, but my laptop possibly draws exactly that or more. (wall charger is rated 3A)

So… I’m waiting for the Powerline II+ :slight_smile:


Please keep in mind that we won’t be seeing PowerLine+ II for Micro USB.

Valid complaint. @AnkerOfficial?

This is interesting and possibly something I buy just to have a cable for someone to use if they forget their’s. I already have an off brand micro usb/lightning cable depending on how you flip it, but this would be more convenient

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Had a shady one from an unknown manufacturer before, really liked it but it didn’t last long enough, would love to get one that’s made by Anker!


Omg yes I’ve been waiting for for this for so long!!
Thank you Anker

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yesssss, now i dont have to have 3 different cables in my car for my passengers.


[quote=“Big_Arcane, post:5, topic:61256”]
Anker doesn’t sell 1/2 feet cables
[/quote]But they do sell 4" cables:

@AnkerOfficial - Can we expect PowerLine II 4" cables? :pray:

Agree 100%. The multi-tool of the cable world.

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Yess finally! ;]
it could be magnetic with magnetic phone inserts it would be easier

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I have many different devices I use and I’ve always wanted to be able to charge my phone and portable chargers with the same cord. This is a great solution.

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How long will this cable be and will there be different lengths when released? This cable will make it so much easier to get rid of the many cables in my backpack for my different devices. Will they come in different colors too? Like the red or blue? Please make a blue one!

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That’s what I was think, great use would be to leave in the car and charge what you need when you need

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Awesome @AnkerOfficial but please make them in Black color. We are NOT all Apple users here. Hate white cables and white tech devices :innocent:


Update: Now available in black!


As strange as this may seem, in want it in yellow. I ha e grown fond of the cable that came with my liberty+ earbuds and wish they made them so I can purchase more

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That isn’t an huge problem. I got a bunch of those convertor plugs.
Besides of that, I think micro usb is sloooowly phasing out anyway.