[New Release] PowerCore Lite 20000

Anker’s latest 2018 PowerCore sells for over $50 and doesn’t feature PD or IQ2 (QC)… Take a look!

Key Features

  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 30 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Power for Days: Delivers over 7 phone charges to iPhone 8, 5 charges to Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, or 1.5 charges to iPad Air 2.
  • Simultaneous Charging: Twin USB charging ports let you charge two devices at full speed, at the same time.
  • Two-Mode Recharging: Use either USB-C or Micro USB, for more convenient recharging.
  • What You Get: PowerCore Lite 20000 portable charger, Micro USB cable (USB-C cable and Lightning cable not included), welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

The trickle-charge mode loved by owners of PowerCore Lite 10000 is also present here!

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerCore Lite 20000 is available to order right now via Amazon US for a cost of $53.99, and should begin shipping on September 1.

What are your thoughts on this portable charger? Are you still interested in portable chargers without the latest charging technologies? Let us know everything you’re thinking by replying!


No PD option is a pass for me. I’m really hoping the powercore 20100 PD goes on sale again soon.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing.

I just a large power bank from Anker. I’ll have to wait until they have a larger unit before I justify buying another one.

Might buy this for my brother for Christmas.

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This is an interesting product, but kind of hamstrings itself in my opinion. The trickle charge tech, and charging protections that are in place are VERY compelling, but the lack of a PD is a big deal I believe. Without PD it makes it impossible to charge your MacBook, iPad Pro or other devices that could benefit from this form factor/use case.

I’m going to pass on this one and continue using my 26800 beast that I’ve been using for both PD devices and non-PD devices!

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Totally agree!

@AnkerOfficial, are you hearing us?! We need PowerCore+ II that was announced at lFA last year!

10000: 30W PD port + 19.5W PowerIQ 2.0 port
20000: 45W PD port + 19.5W PowerIQ 2.0 port + 12W PowerIQ 1.0 port


If “Coming Soon” isn’t within 12 months then I don’t know what to think.

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Great! thanks 4 sharing!

Well when it comes to Anker PD means Promised Delay, or Probably Dead, or Perhaps December, or …

Prize to whoever comes up with best PD.

I think the smaller batteries don’t need PD as they are for phones but bigger batteries are for tablets and laptops which are increasingly PD and Anker is so far left behind, like they given up and more interested in media (speakers etc)

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You nailed it![quote=“nigelhealy, post:7, topic:62142”]
I think the smaller batteries don’t need PD
I agree and disagree. In some cases it is beneficial to get a fast charge using a portable charger so that you don’t have to continue carrying it around.[quote=“nigelhealy, post:7, topic:62142”]
which, by the way, all still use Micro USB :man_facepalming:

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A good, but incomplete PB. Pitty.

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Yep, yep, it’s working in progress. But we need to invest in more time and resources to get the best version for you, as always. :sunglasses: Please be patient and there will be much other cool stuff in the next half of the year that you can expect. :grin:

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Now Available in White, but for $6 more than Black…