[New Release] Power Delivery Charging Bundle (for iPhone)

Anker has just released a power delivery charging bundle for iPhone… Take a look!

Features & details

  • High-Speed Power Pack: The iPhone charger that comes with everything you need to deliver high-speed charging—2.5× faster than the stock charger from the phone’s box.
  • Certified Compatibility: Apple MFi certification means flawless compatibility with every device that uses a Lightning connector.
  • Charge All You C: Give iPhone 8 and above a high-speed Power Delivery charge with the included USB-C to Lightning cable, or charge your USB-C phones, tablets, and more with PowerPort.
  • Superior Safety: Anker’s exclusive MultiProtect safety system provides complete protection for you and your devices.
  • What You Get: PowerPort PD 1 wall charger, PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning charging cable (3 ft), welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

Pricing and Availablity: Anker’s Power Delivery Charging Bundle is available to order now on Amazon for a cost of $35.99, which is $0.01 more expensive than buying the two products separately (at regular prices)… :confused:

What are your thoughts on Anker’s Power Delivery Charging Bundle? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


What are my thoughts? My thoughts are- this is insane. Why would anyone buy this? I was happy when I read the title because I thought I would be able to get a few bucks off the bundle- but no. I actually have to pay extra (however minute it may be)

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I feel like they should have put this on sale

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I don’t get it. 1 cent price difference aside, wouldn’t it have made a bit more sense to release this–or a similar “bundle”–when the USB-C to Lightning cables were first released? The bundle makes sense, but I question the timing. Ok, and the 1 cent price difference.

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Great idea bad pricing. When bundling items or creating combo packs they usually designed to save the buyer a few dollars.

Unless Anker drops the price, these items will go on sale at the same time or separately and be even a better deal then the combo

One example of a good combo would fast food combo deals. Buy those combo products separately and you spend more money.

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Only 1c more for the bundle? Odd usually just saying iPhone and double the cost is sufficient.

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I like the idea but if you’re bundling two products, to entice the buyer I’d reduce the price by $5-$10 or so. I’m assuming these will come in separate packaging or in one?