[New Release] Mynt Mini Spot Massager

Mynt is introducing their smallest massager yet… Check it out!

Key Features

  • Perfect Portability: Weighing in at just 20 grams / 0.7 oz, designed to slide effortlessly into a bag or pocket – for treatment anytime, anywhere.
  • Refresh & Relax: Micro pulses relieve stress and strain, ideal for revitalizing muscles and tackling persistent pain.
  • Tailored Treatment: 5 pre-set modes and 10 strength settings deliver pulse therapy that’s just right for you.
  • Durable Performance: 1.5h+ battery life and a robust self-adhesive pad ensure reliable long-term performance.
    What You Get: Mini Spot Massager, Self Adhesive Pad, USB Cable, Zip-Lock Bag, Owner’s Manual, 12 month controller warranty & fan favourite support.

It comes in both black and white, but still charges via Micro USB! :confounded:

Pricing and Availability: Mynt’s Mini Spot Massager is available to order right now via Amazon CA for a cost of $19.99 and should begin shipping immediately. Amazon US availability is imminent.

What are your thoughts on Mynt’s Mini Spot Massager? Is this something you would consider getting? Let us know everything you’re thinking by replying!


Why!!! Come on Anker, it’s time to move pass microUSB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I would and could use this massager. I think it would be great for my tight IT band. I actually have a Tens unit but I think this would be much easier and more convenient to use. Is the pad reusable/replaceable? And how much are the self adhesive pads if it is replaceable? The price seems pretty reasonable too.


The pads are $9.99

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Oops, didn’t see that :stuck_out_tongue: Still not bad. Now, waiting for the U.S store to stock them :wink:

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@AnkerOfficial The adhesive pads is a nice money maker idea, but not so nice for consumers. Velcro strap is the way to go. Bump up the price a bit accordingly.

Needs a timer function: 15 mins, 30 mins, 1hr, 1.5hrs

I have foot pains. Would be happy to test this device.

I’d imagine that it has a small battery, so mini USB is fine. Keep in mind that I’m all for USB C :slight_smile:

It’s not Ankers fault here, Mynt is an independent brand and not owned by Anker.

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[quote=“iroast, post:6, topic:61650”]
mini USB
[/quote]Oh, please no, even micro is better than mini

It is not expensive. I want to buy it…


Was just gonna post the same :thumbsup:

Not certain about the self adhesive pad route…never had much love for them myself…

As for charging…USB-C certainly has it’s place as the the connection format going forward but surely overkill for an niche item such as this?

very interesting

Whoah, this is a great little massager. This would be portable enough for at work and on the go rather than bringing wall pluggable massager. I cannot wait for Amazon USA to have availability.

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[quote=“ndalby, post:10, topic:61650”]
surely overkill for an niche item such as this?
[/quote]Definitely wouldn’t have been overkill. Sticking with micro USB this long is what’s overkill.

Is there really a need for a fast charge massager…if any of the tech of USB-C (outside of better connector) could be implemented for this design?

For a select few…it hasn’t stopped people buying has it? USB-C often means higher cost’s at present…once it’s fully widespread and perhaps more cost effective to Anker, they might start pushing it more…not overkill, a gameplan…

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[quote=“ndalby, post:15, topic:61650”]
it hasn’t stopped people buying has it?
[/quote]I suppose not for this product in particular. Audio lineup? Not so much, at least not for everyone, especially as the days continue to pass.

But that’s the wrong methodology. You shouldn’t avoid adding a feature on everything you make just because it isn’t a total deal breaker for some people. That’s an awful strategy. Instead, you should look at would people would strongly prefer and implement those requests. If we used the no deal breaker, no implementation strategy, technological advancement would be at a snail’s pace at best.

I’m not liking this gameplan so far. Not sure Anker is aware of the potential consequences.

I would totally consider getting this. Getting back into fitness lately, certain sides of my body or pivot points seem to get more sore than others, and this would be great to have and just stick it on the bad spot and relax without having to plug in a whole back massager and hope it hits the right spot, or convince the wife for a rub. lol

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@AnkerOfficial, so what exactly is your relationship with Mynt?

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I think it is time to start implamenting USB C Anker. Love all the new products and companies you are working with to provide us with new products, but I think it’s time for an upgrade on USB types

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USB-C is only useful for high data transfer and high power.
The device obviously has no datatransfer.
Not all devices can be charged with high amp
So, what would be the advantage of USB-C charging with half an amp?