[New Release] Mynt Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Today, I’m back with a few new and upcoming releases. First up is a brand new product from Mynt.

Mynt is releasing their first ever memory foam pillow, and it’s made to travel with… Take a look!

Key Features

  • Superior Support — Unique, tri-point design encourages a more natural posture – comfortably lifting neck and head.
  • On The Button — A patented locking system clips into place and fastens / releases in an instant. Durable, reinforced drawstrings ensure perfect placement.
  • Unforgettable Comfort — Supportive, malleable memory foam molds to your shape, while Peruvian cotton is softer against skin.
  • Travel Smarter — Foldable, with rear-magnetic lock and storage bag for space-saving, efficient use on-the-go.
  • What You Get — Memory Foam Travel Pillow, Storage Bag, Owner’s Manual, 12 month warranty & fan-favorite support.

This pillow is also designed to be washed!

Pricing and Availability: Mynt’s Memory Foam Travel Pillow is available to order right now via Amazon US for a cost of $25.99, but stock is limited.

What are your thoughts on Mynt’s Memory Foam Travel Pillow? Would you consider getting one of these? Let us know everything you’re thinking by replying!


It looks interesting, I want to have it for my trips. Thanks for sharing


Very interesting design and I will probably buy 1… I hope the memory foam is not too soft and firm enough to support my big head…


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It’s great they came out with one, the last two neck lilies I had were both memory foam and I could never go back to a regular one. Price wise it’s on point with what I paid for one of mine, but more expensive than the other I have.

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Wow, another Mynt product. I like the color combo and it looks super comfortable, especially for long road trips.


For a travel pillow, it’s quite big.

Maybe supplying a compression sac, instead, so you can squeeze it down. As it is, it would take.up half your carry-on allowance (fill up your cabin bag).

If it could then be used as a pillow, would be even better. I have an arthritic neck, and am a side sleeper, as it is in the bag looks great as a pillow!

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I wouldn’t mind getting one of these to leave in the car or take on long flights.

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I love the adjust-ability with the pull cord on the ends of the pillow. It makes for a quick storage solution when going from plane to plane. Great feature that I haven’t seen many other places. Keep on innovating.