[New Release] Model Zero+ is Now Available!

Soundcore’s flagship wireless speaker is finally available to order… nearly a year after it was initially unveiled at CES!

Head on over to the Model Zero+ product page on Soundcore’s website to order yours today! The price is $249.99, and shipping should begin immediately.

Note: Not yet available on Amazon.

Are you intrigued by the design? Do you plan on ordering one? Let us know your thoughts down below!


As far I see the differences to the “normal” ZERO:

Google ability, less playing time!!! :worried: and a some changes of the “outfit”. (broad Alu-ring)
Didn’t they tell there will be a pb-bank-function added?

I have to check the playing time of the ZERO


Nice, finally!


It looks nice, I would like to have it

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[quote=“fhassm, post:2, topic:64414”]
less playing time
[/quote]Indeed, Zero+ (5 hours) has half the playtime as Zero (10 hours), but I think most people will be using this speaker plugged in.

Ja, makes sense, as there is an extra charger (15V 3,0A) added. Normal chargers want do.
And really I would not use it for real outdoor, though IPX5.
Too bulky and too heavy for carrying around a lot, I mentioned this already.

For outdoor jobs and vacations the FLARE is fantastic (playtime, weight, measurement, toughness and IPX7)

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I loved the look of this speaker when I first saw it. The unique design would certainly be a talking point amongst friends that just have regular shaped ones.

I would love to see this pop up on one of the well known YouTubeers channel.

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