[New Release - Correction] Soundcore Spirit Pro is Here! (Amazon US and UK)

Update: It now appears as though the earbuds that were initially spotted on Amazon UK are the Soundcore Spirit Pros that we’ve known about for awhile. These are also now available on Amazon US.

At the time of posting, the information on the listing had not been updated for Amazon UK, but because these passed through the FCC, we can look back and see that these feature Bluetooth 4.2 and last for 10 hours of playtime. The IP rating remains unclear, but these do appear to include SweatGuard. The remote control looks different than both the Spirit (X) and Arc. Just pick one and stick with it, Soundcore!

Key Features

  • SweatGuard: Truly sweatproof technology specially designed to resist the corrosive properties of sweat.
  • Serious Sound: Spirit Pro’s dual-EQ feature lets you adjust the intensity of your music, while aptX high-fidelity sound enhances music quality.
  • Customized Fit: Choose from multiple sizes of EarTips and EarWings to find your perfect fit.
  • Workout for Longer: Get up to 10 hours of playtime from a single charge.
  • What You Get: Soundcore Spirit Pro, S/M/L EarTips, S/M/L EarWings, cable clip, shirt clip, micro USB cable, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

Cost is £32.99 on Amazon UK and $49.99 on Amazon US.

Thoughts on this new product and how it compares with the other Soundcore earphones? Still waiting on Liberty Lite, which was supposed to launch today…

In addition, the official Anker hard cases for PowerCores are now available in the UK, as well.


Finally, Anker’s latest wireless vertical ergonomic mouse is now available, as is their USB-C card reader adapter.


Thanks for letting us know.

The amount of Anker audio products is getting to be a joke, they overlap so much and it is beginning to get as confusing as the many Powercore products with very similar products and similar names and similar prices.

Currently I am loving (til they break) Soundbuds Slim+, Life, and the Nano. When they eventually break… the problem of which to buy. I will buy Anker again due to good customer support but I’d like there to be just 2-3 options based on basically battery life vs weight to suit the use case. Right now its the Slim+ when moving a lot, Life for home, and Nano if I want external sound not in my ear.

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So the Mini 2 is too big for you? So you’re still possibly looking for a Nano 2 with waterproofing?

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Yes the Mini 2 I got (thanks Anker) and I tested it but it is being barely used. I still prefer the Nano. Given the generosity of Anker I can access most products eventually but the items which end up getting used are:

  • Slim+ when moving fast and not needing much battery life. These are with me about 1/3rd of my life.
  • Life when needing more battery life, these are with my half of my life
  • Nano. About 5% used.
  • Powercore 10000 if I’m entering an unknown power situation (longer time off-grid). Just threw this into my backpack.
  • Powercore II 6700 when entering a known power situation (short time off-grid)
  • Powerport 5 USB-C when entering an unknown power situation (unknown distance to wall socket)
  • Powerport 4 when entering a known power situation (known distance to socket)

I move a lot, a few times around the planet and travel very light. Next 3 weeks I’m in 4 countries and 25,000 miles flying, 3 different power socket shapes, and I just packed, it is fitting in 20L backpack, laptop, phone, chargers, portable chargers. Summer. If winter I can need 30L for the coat etc.

The Nano is if I need to have sound not inside my ear - e.g. in the shower and it is the smallest and I just wrap in a small hotel hand towel and place near the shower like on top of the shower rail - is smaller than the Mini 2. Immersion is not the true risk - splashes and spray are - and hotels supply no-weight (to pack) splash absorbers.

2 trips in the future I have a 3 weeks off-grid carrying everything off my back as I move between camping locations and then adding solar - got a free Anker 21W panel in one of the many giveaways will get used. Which Anker soundbud I’d take… the Slim+ I have is not quite enough battery life, the Life is a too big… Unless Anker sends me something i’d likely use the Slim+ and just attach it to Anker Powerport Solar 2 when sat looking at a view eating.

My problem is those we leave behind, I am living the Anker existence of being active outside moving, but because I learned the Anker products, the regular user is just seeing a baffling overlapping confusing set of choice.

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Off-line / off-grid = B&M (brick & mortar).

@nigelhealy @iroast @elmo41683 @Oggyboy @doris4jin

Looks like these are actually the Spirit Pros we’ve known about for awhile. I apologize for the misinformation. You can view my edited OP here.

Sorry and thanks for understanding,


The Dual EQ business is a step in the right direction. @AnkerOfficial make your audio devices’ sound customizable via App like the Jaybird MySound App and have professional presets for different type of music.

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I agree…the Dual EQ is a great feature that doesn’t require an app. I’m not opposed to apps as such but since I’m running an older version of iOS, I don’t always have the option of using the newest apps which require newer versions of iOS.

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Price has increased to £32.99 in UK.