[New Release] Anker USB-C to Lightning Audio Adapter

As first reported by @joshuad11 here Anker’s USB-C to Audio adapter has finally hit Amazon US

<img src=“//forumus-uploads-production.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/original/3X/7/1/7125c451149fb4fde0feb54c8332ff1fb8ed2ace.png” width=“300” height=“500”

  • Apple MFi certified.
  • Use one Lightning headphone for your iPhone and iPad Pro/ Mac/Windows 10 PC.
  • Full digital + lossless audio transmission (48KHz/24-bit).
  • Retains earphone mic and remote functions.
  • No driver install needed (USB Audio Class 2.0).

Headphone Compatibility

  • Apple EarPods with Lightning connector

  • Beats urBeats3 with Lightning connector

  • Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset

  • Audeze iSINE LX, LCDi4, iSINE20, iSINE10, SINE, and EL-8 Titanium

  • Pioneer Rayz, Rayz Plus, Rally

  • Radius HP-NEL21, HP-NEL31, HC-M100L, and HP-NHL21


Not compatible with Windows 7 or Android devices.

Not a charging adapter.

Does not support HiFi.

May need one-time audio device setup on Macs:

  • Connect adapter to Mac.

  • Connect Lightning headphone to adapter.

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sound.

  • Choose the Output tab and select "Lightning Audio Adapter Output.”

  • Choose the Input tab and select "Lightning Audio Adapter Input.”

Anker’s USB-C to Lightning audio adapter is in stock and available to order now via Amazon US for $29.99


Does anyone know if Anker has ever made a lightning to aux adapter?

Don’t believe they have but certainly would be in line to purchase one as my Apple version is close to being on it’s last legs :laughing:

lol. Only Apple would ever need a product as silly as this :joy:.

I just use Bluetooth anyway lol

I sold mine with my iPhone 7 Plus and they didn’t come with one on the XS Max and I refuse to by one from Apple so I could defo do with one as a back up.

That is always one of my old jokes:

You have a modern slim phone or Macbook, light weighted and nice.

You need a pile of adapters and cables which has more weight than your device. :joy:

Oooo nice I don’t have any use for one of those yet but I’m sure there are other people out there who are excited

Lol :joy:. The input is lightning :joy:. I guess you figured that out :joy:

yea looks exactly like USB-C on both sides though… lmao

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thats what i wanted!

i couldn’t find any on the net… great innovations anker!

Apple devices have a history of small compact devices … be it phone, Mac or tablet with all these big attachments to the device for audio , video, charging, … Not sure if this is an upgrade or downgrade :flushed:

With that being said, there is a big market for all these connector brands for Apple devices. Good to see the USB-C to Lightening connector adapter from Anker.

Thanks for sharing!

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lightning/usb c based earphones are weird

Thank God for the headphone jack :sunglasses:

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We need this on Amazon Australia Now!!! Anker Now!!! There’s only one other site that sells it (www.macfixit.com.au for AUD $69.99). What a rip off, Not happy at all!

Upgraded my IPad Pro to IpadOS 13 Beta
and this stopped working completely. I hope this is fixed in the final update.

I’m sure it will be. Report it to Apple though :wink:. I’m on iOS 13…

Use the Apple Feedback App (Gets installed by default on all Beta and Developer versions of Apple platforms such as iOS, MacOS, iPadOS) on iPad and provide the details along with logs to make sure the issue gets addressed!!


I’ve submitted 6 so far, and am about to submit a 7th :innocent:

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Good going :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks to all the good work, we will have a more efficient iOS :slight_smile:

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