[New Release] Add-on Baby Monitor Camera

Eufy Security has finally released its Add-on Baby Monitor Camera… Take a look!

Features & details

  • Easy to Pair: Add additional cameras in just two clicks.
  • Complete Monitoring System: Connect up to 4 camera devices at once.
  • Multi-Camera Monitoring: When two or more cameras are connected, SpaceView automatically cycles between the view of each unit, for complete coverage of your baby’s environment.
  • Whole-Room Coverage: Pan the lens 330 degrees to see corner-to-corner, and tilt 110 degrees to see floor-to-ceiling.
  • Heightened Night Vision: When the lights are out, night vision technology provides clear video so you can rest easily.

Pricing and Availability: Eufy Security’s Add-on Baby Monitor Camera is available to order now on Amazon for a cost of $99.99, and should begin shipping on June 21.

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Great item for new parents :thumbsup: