New Quick Charge 3.0, Anker 18W USB Wall Charger

Looks like a newer version of Ankers qc 3.0 wall charger is out, the older one had more rounded corners. Also available I’m white for the same price


Based on the fact that there are no reviews for the item listed at the Amazon link that you provided, I would assume that this is the new one.

I think its new, I haven’t seen that design before. The edges are different as you mentioned.

Looks like we’ll polished dress shoes

Looks better than the old one. :raised_hands::thumbsup:

Looks interesting. Something what is always interesting when Anker says in the title IPhone charger. I mean it is a charger but the main feature that it is supporting Quickcharge 3.0 is not working with IPhone.

The same is it for the pictures…

It seems, when iPhone eventually say they can do something, all the android phones that could already do that, seems to be forgotten and iPhone, is suddenly the only handset that does it.

So when a product does something an iPhone can do, it’s pushed as an iPhone accessory, despite iPhone (as usual) being late to the game and obvs not the only handset capable of doing said feature.

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