New purchase! Eufy (Battery) Video Doorbell - work with Heath Zenith EM57580 Transformer with existing chime.


I have just purchased the Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD. I have some questions about installation.

My transformer—

Attached to my electric panel, I have an old Heath Zenith EM57580 Transformer.
According to Google, it is a 16V 10VA Transformer.

This single transformer powers the front and rear doorbells and a chime.

Since I have this existing wiring, I would like to use the wired option to power the doorbell.

The Quickstart guide says “8 - 24V AC Doorbell Wiring.”
Is my current configuration going to work?

I would like have the doorbell for the back door still function. Would the doorbell in the rear of the house still work if the Eufy is added into the chain or would the old doorbell and the chime cease to function?

Thank you for your help!

I installed the doorbell two weeks ago.

It works!

My old Heath Zenith EM57580 Transformer is giving it power. I have had no low power alerts or a problem of any kind.

The doorbell chime also functions.

I have been running the doorbell with the stock settings.
It missed three events - the delivery of two small packages and one event where I walked out in front of it to pick up a package. My home is on a hill with a five step walk up to the front door so, I think that delivery people just toss up packages from the landing. I might mess with the settings to see if I can increase the sensitivity.

Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase.

Glad it’s working great for you and you are happy with your purchase