New Product wishlist

Hey Everyone, First Post

It’s 2018, and once again our tech demands and increasing. This is a post about new product wishes from the community.

I hope Anker makes some new Jump Start packs, specifically with the future in mind
My wish list for a battery bank would be as follows

  • 2 USB-A ports, 5W/2.4A capable
  • 1 USB-C PD port for 5W/3A charging output, & input port
  • jump start 3L Diesel engines
  • LED light
  • 12000-20000 mAh capacity
  • wireless quick charging for Samsung & Apple devices (not likely, but a wish)

What other products would you wish Anker would update?

Hi @timricha and welcome to the community. We currently have a similar topics with a large number of replies here;

You will probably find more responses to your ideas here.

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