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I was looking at one of Ankers new PD wall charging blocks when I suddenly thought of a rather untapped idea. How much harder would it be to create one of your wall charging units and add in a night light function? This could be accomplished through back lit logo’s or straight up soft LED diods that provide a soft light. I’m thinking that my daughter like to have night lights near her bed and I t would be nice to have an all in one night light and USB charger for her iPad. I know the eufy brand has some nightlights available, but I don’t think they combine USB charging ports. I don’t think it would cost too much to develop something like this especially if you try to incorporate it into a next gen charging block. Heck…if you went the EUFY route and made it a smart device you can even make it dim able through alexa or app. If you put a battery into it, you can market it as an emergency light source during blackouts or emergencies. There’s a host of potential products that might be worth looking into along these lines. …If you do develop one, I’d love to test it out for you too! :slight_smile: Any other mom’s or dad’s out there who would buy something like this?


Sounds like a very interesting and practical suggestion :thinking:
Let me forward it to our team and hope them can take it in consideration for product development in future


If the Anker logo lit up that would be sweet!

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This Dad would try it out! My kids have night lights that take up their outlets by the bed. This would be a very interesting idea. Then especially now with tablets being the in thing now and available at low cost. This would be perfect for the younger kids rooms.

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I think it’s a sound idea @ARTHUR_BRIAN_MOTT
I do a similar thing with old phone chargers.
I use them to power the USB LED strips (the cheap ones on eBay).
In some rooms adding a smart switch to activate on a timer - helps Charlie get out of bed in the morning :grin:
Something less cumbersome than that set up would be good in my eyes!

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I would not like it if its a steady light.
We both and many others here have the little Eufy LUMi.
Those are really a perfect solution.
To find the way in the night an old man has to find! :joy:
In the basement I have those too and some stronger ones.
All perfect.
I never would like to miss.

Anker has made similar things in the past. They used to make a folding bedside lamp with a couple of USB ports, they then fell by the wayside.

Probably the modern method is to include with home automation, like Eufy smartbulb can be programmed for brightness over time.

Parents need to be in control, too much light at evening interferes with falling asleep, then less sleep reduces learning ability. So allowing the child to control it, turn it on, has some risk.

So the smarts need to be about control. Roles.