New Product Suggestion: Wifi Outdoor String Lights

It’s Patio Season and Summer is in full swing. All I need around my bonfire, bourbon and cigar is some mood lighting.

Anker/Eufy can you please make outdoor string lights that are compatible on the Eufy platform? Eufy Lumos String Lights - They would be a huge hit!

A quick google search found some options, but I have no idea who the companies are or how they would perform.

I would also suggest and outdoor rated smart plug. In any event I could use the smart plug along with traditional outdoor lighting and get the same effect (but not changing hue of lighting or color).

What do you guys think? Would you buy something like this?


And you need ribs on the grill slow cooking :yum:

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I think at this point they’re in my belly. But, you are right! My grill is constantly on during the summer.


Bratwurst & Weißbier???
I would like to take part ! :yum:


Yes! Give me some dunkel and doppelbock all day long!

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Only if it has true German Kraut with it. Then im all for some bratz and dogs or whatever you want to call the goodness that i need in n my belly


You are greedy! :rofl:

OK Dunkel for you:


And there is a Bock
(But be careful you might feel like a “Bock” after a few! :wink:)


And last not least the famous “Kraut”.
The usual “Sauerkraut” in cans is not so good.
I, as an old skilled “kraut” make my own type of "kraut.
A little bit more work but delicious.

Am I invited now?


Take a look at the reply for Quinn I send.
Your “kraut desire” may be satisfied, Rob! :yum:

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You are absolutely invited!

I have the Flares, and soon @AnkerOfficial will send me a chainsaw if we speak it into existence. I think we’ll have a jolly ol’ time!


Just message @AnkerOfficial and be like

“Where’s that chainsaw I won in that giveaway?”

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Thank you!
I will show up by submarine!



I’d definitely be interested in a product like these.

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I surely would, I am a fan of good lighting, especially if it changes colors.