New product listed at FCC: Roav DashCam C2 Pro

New dashcam expected: FCC
Roav DashCam C2 Pro.

The Specifications:
Model No.: R2220
720P 60FPS / 720P 30FPS 1080P 30FPS
3" LCD with 960x240
420/470mAh Battery
GPS via suction mount


So the sensor is a Sony Exmor IMX 291 vs 323 on the regular C2, and it has GPS and WiFi. Those are the only differences I could spot.

Now expecting an A1 Pro, and possibly A2 / A2 Pro at some point.

What’s next B or 3?


Now a ROAV with GPS and WIFI would interest me :slight_smile: Sony sensor should give reasonable night recording too. Dash cam is on my list to buy at some point…


Already have one!

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@joshuad11 I know there’s gps but one that offers up turn by turn directions similar to the garmin unit would be awesome

What is the difference between the C2 and the C2 Pro?

Replied with that info above… there may be more differences but that’s all I could find hunting through the manual.


Oh, I didn’t see that comment. I wonder what the price difference will be.

Well I think the C1 is regularly $20-30 cheaper than the Pro. C2 is regularly $60 so maybe $80-90?

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I think the C2 is $79.99 on the Roav website at the moment. So MSRP maybe $99.99

Looks pretty cool

Price hasn’t been talked about yet, but it does work well…

Beta tester? Should be seeing this soon.

As a side note, haven’t seen much from Roav as a whole (at least compared to some of the other brands). VIVA the only product released so far this year?

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Roav Dash Cam C2 now available on Amazon. Thoughts, anyone?

Now we’re just waiting on Dash Cam A0 from Roav.

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thanks for the link actually in the market for a dash cam but yeah the pricing is hmm…yeah high

I’ll try to notify you if/when it drops.

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