New Product - Keychain Powerbank?

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if that has been talked about or not, I just ran across a product on a popular deal site, “Ben’s Bargains”.

I think this would be a huge hit among the Anker community and the tech industry.

Even better, if you could add a few gigs of storage and make it a flash drive and mini power bank. You could call it…

“Flash-bank Fusion”

Thanks for reading my babble.



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@Quinn_Armstrong I have a couple of those…one with microUSB and another with Lightning. Unfortunately, I had trouble with the Lightning one. I had to exchange it out. These are quite useful in a pinch. Great for attaching to backpacks and such. If Anker makes them, I’m sure the quality would be much better then the PulsePak and much more reliable. I attach the PulsePak to my backpack just because I have it but I can’t say that I could count on it for that extra juice… that’s why I also carry the Anker 10000 battery bank in my backpack. But overall, it would be a great addition to the Anker lineup if they choose to make them. But please make the connection part, a bit longer for phones that are in cases. :slight_smile:

Good idea in principal, not sure about practicality because they would get knocked about and damaged easily but not sure if Anker made one, per se that it would be much more rugged and ‘bullet-proof’.