New product found but not on website, what happen to Anker website?

I am very curious on Anker website, it’s very hard to find the new product on the official website, and I only able to find out from Anker forum, the item listed below are new, but they don’t appear on the website, why?


As far as I know, Anker website are not always up to date, even some item are not descibe with details. what happen to Anker website?


SO this is country specific.

What Anker tends to do in USA is have it there on Amazon for a weeks, say from time it is manufactured in China, til the time it is in the country to be sold, at some ridiculously high price. Then when it is ready to actually sell it puts it on in your country then reduces the price on Amazon so you then see the price dropped to say $30-$40 region with that $80 struck through.

The Amazon post goes through unavailable to available at a high price to then available at a lower price, and at that last stage it appears on

You then get periodic discounts say that $30-$40 may become $25-$35 in promotions.

You then also get:

  • products out of stock, they disappear off completely but still on amazon as unavailable

That first product you listed, I expect it will appear with a URL like this

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Is there any new product that I’m not aware of? Hopefully, there are more USB C / PowerIQ II coming soon…

Yes there are, you appear to found all the ones I’m aware of in pipeline.

One thing though is more valid - you’d never it buy it at the price they first appear at anyway, the initial Amazon page often contains errors so you’d not be that assured of its specifications, so its best to wait til Anker mention something, such as when it is promoted (extra discount).

So the 13000mAh product is regularly selling at $30 so that USB-C variant at $80, you’d not want to buy right? Just like the 20000Mah at $100, or the 10000mAh which has no price now but guessing it will appear at $60-$70 price for a period before in the $35-ish region to then be discounted at the $25-ish region (which is when I’d buy it if I wanted it).

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Yeah, no no, I just too excited to know what Anker coming out with, and then will wait for the price drop. My location is in UK, it might be even slower.

I wonder which one is coming soon…


Anker is likely focusing on PD now.

They’ve been working on IQ2.0 for at least a year.


As Anker makes its manufactured products in batches, because it has so many products it cannot make them all at once, they shoot out of the factory in a sequence we cannot predict.

From the list you pasted, the products I’d logically expect at some point I cannot predict

  • a new Powerhouse
  • a 26800 IQ2 product.
  • more USB-PD stuff, smaller products with 30W and larger with 60W (the existence of cables now for 100W opens up e.g. the Powerhouse to do 100W USB-PD output but we lack products which can usefully use it)
  • We are due refreshes using IQ2 from the chargers, such as a Powerport 2 IQ2, Powerport4 IQ2, Powerport5 IQ2.

With back-to-school, Chromebooks, USB-PD 30W-60W devices more common, with the newer Anker USB-C cables supporting higher Wattage, I agree that we are entering the USB-PD logical next step, Powerport2 upwards, Powercore 10000 upwards. Possibly even into the Powerhouse successor.


The tease is a killer

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I hope most future product support PD and promote it to become new fast charge standard.