New Product Coming Soon

Credit to @gwstarkey.gws and @Unnamed for showing this on the Soundcore collective


You should also add that motion photo



I think the motion boom(if correct on the name ) looks good.


For me it looks like it could be used perfectly on a “construction site” :rofl:


But tastes differ! :smile:
And that’s good and keeps friendship Duane!


The new motion speaker certainly looks like a robust model like the Sport XL, could be quite suited to a construction site.

Certainly wouldn’t mind giving it a test against the current Motion speaker :grin:


I agree as well. I think it also just reminds me of the old boom boxes that you saw people carry in the 80. I had one with detachable speaker but I did not do the walk with it. :rofl:

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Do you remember the old times were you showed up here with that “hole” in a wall of your house.
I think that was you!
That was so great and we had such a lot of fun!

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That motion speaker has more of a rugged look, I kinda like it though


May have a rugged look but from a structural perspective is easier to break. That larger speaker vent is inherently more capable to be dented. The handle and the corners are structurally inherently more capable to be demaged.

The strongest structure is a sphere, the next is a tube. Corners and angles are stress concentrators. The Motion+ is nearer to a tube.

I do think there is a scope for a portable speaker with a Qi pad to charge phone. With IP rated phones and IP rated speakers, and speakers which output power to recharge, if you were to not puncture the IP rating with a cable but put a Qi pad on the top, you have a (feels like in my mind) a winning combination.


At that point they should just pot an fm radio and alarm clock

Fm, really?
That’s more than antique.
We use here DAB (+) over the pond and you got similar in the US
(HD or via satellite)


Yea I guess

I would normally be paging @Insider for this, but I haven’t seen him active lately.


Seems to be checking in but not posting…perhaps life is busier than normal :slight_smile:


Yea probably but he might just be staying away from posting anything like this on community because of new ToS update. I would try to find info from other places by him

He usually posts on the anker subreddit.

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That’s what I was referring to. Not sure about ToS there but could be different from here and maybe that’s the reason he chooses to post there

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The new motion speaker will likely be called the Motion Pro, will have 50 watt output power, partycast, and hi res audio certification.

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