New powerwave charger flashing blue when plugged in

So I was bought the anker powerwave pad for my birthday, when I plug it in it begins flashing blue. I read in the manual that this is because of “nearby metal” but even when there is no metal nearby it’s still flashing blue and wont charge anything. Halp

I have found it will flash blue for a few seconds when plugged in and then it goes off. Also if you are using a charger that isn’t adequate enough it will also do the same.

So, did your powerwave come with a wall plug? Is the cable seated properly? And if all is good on those fronts try removing all cases and see if it will charge your phone

So mine didn’t come with a wall plug, just a cable and the pad itself.
The wall plug I’m using is a Samsung one.
My phone has no case it’s a Samsung s8 but no matter where I out the phone it wont charge

Can you list the model if the pad you have, the reason I ask is the Samsung wall plug is an adaptive charger and generally cannot supply the proper voltage to the lad that is needed to wirelessly charge your phone. You will need a charger that is quick charge 3.0 for the most part

That worked a treat! I changed from the Samsung wall plug to an older one (non adaptive) and it charges my phone perfectly. Thanks Tank!

Glad you got it working and if you ever need any more help feel free to ask

Glad it worked out! It’s good to know this info in case it happens to more people.