New PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad

Update: the PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad is now available for order on Amazon for $24. In stock November 10.

As promised, Anker’s upgraded wireless chargers have arrived. This time around, it appears to be a 5W charger with a micro USB port. Anker claims it charges 10% faster than its competitors.

The new PowerPort Wireless 5 is also very slim and features an LED indicator light.

It is not yet available on Amazon, but when it is, I will be sure to update this post and fill you in on the price!

Would you consider buying a 5W wireless charger?


Hmm, interesting because this one is 10 watt wireless charging

Edit: I see it only does 10 watt if you use a fast charge plug


Right on time for those iPhone X owners !
Very good looking charger.

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While it looks good, to me it’s too similar to what Samsung currently offers

Maybe, but what does Samsung charge for such a charger? I guess it’s more expensive than Anker’s


i want a wireless stand from Anker similar to this please
10w dual coil.


It is only 5W output, though.


Thats a start for those looking for one, I’m sure 10 watt wouldn’t be all that much harder to make

Who will be ordering one for $24?


thanks for posting!!

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I may order one for my wife for christmas, this way she can have her phone standing and charging while listening to music at night

I may purchase one soon @joshuad11

I believe the max wireless charge speed on Iphone x/8 is 5v 7.5watt. So I’m not sure how it would charge 10% faster with less wattage but I will do some comparisons when I receive mine. This pad is perfect for people with older Android’s that do not support fast wireless charging. It looks pretty sleek and doesn’t have too many annoying leds that light up your bedroom like some other models. @joshuad11 is that a real picture or a Photoshop? I have never seen an anker QI standup. I would like to see a stand up multi coil fast charge pad as well I’m sure Anker is working on one.

I guess the iPhone x doesn’t support 7.5watt wireless charging yet but will when apple updates ios… Yay apple :roll_eyes:

Stand is now on Amazon.

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A must buy with a phone supporting wireless charging

that link shows alexa vehicle charger

:flushed: thanks for pointing that out. Fixed now

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It’s great! I got one and love it for the iPhone 8, charges right through an otter box commuter

5 watt vs 7.5 only makes the slightest difference in QI charge speed.