New PowerPort 4 Soon?

I noticed that the PowerPort 4 has been “discontinued by manufacturer” on Amazon. This doesn’t surprise me, as I think it’s been a while since they upgraded it.

Hopefully, this means a new version is coming soon! If so, tell me what you would like to see! Personally I’d like to see a few things.

  1. 3A/port and 12A total
  2. 2 USB-C PD ports (30W each).
  3. PowerIQ 2
  4. As compact as possible
  5. Keep the foldable plug!
  6. Slightly refreshed design. Make it look more modern.

Your 3) and 4) are in opposition. Your 2) and 4) are in opposition. Yes I think 3A max per port but say 8-9A total as for each extra port the chance it needs maximum power becomes much less.

Portability means you must solve a portable person’s problems. A portable person will have 1 tablet, 1 phone, and say 1 portable charger and say 1 BT charger, so set a power budget for that.

I don’t think one 4-port with 2 lots of 30W each is viable in a compact design. I’d say set a maximum budget which really dominates size of say 40W and then say one USP-PD 30W and the 3 ports upto 3A each and they fight over the 40W, so say 30W full power leaves 10W for say a Powercore 1000 needing 10W, or a phone needing usually 7W and say a BT headphone needing 1W. That sort of thing. If you plugged in more power demanding devices then say that 30W drops to the next profile 18W.

Full power to every port is more for the desktop chargers when a family all plug in power demanding tablets at once.

Hence really two models, one 4 port 40W with one 30W USB-PD, rest 3A max, and one 4 port 40W each 3A total.

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Its in stock now under sale

Theory: they were withholding allowing a purchase just before a sale to then avoid the “but I just bought this!” complaint?

I still think its due an overhaul of some description, either more Wattage for current size or smaller for current Wattage (and not just bigger for same Wattage like the Powerport2 Elite)

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This is one of my favorite chargers for traveling! I also hope it is not discontinued completely after the current supply runs out.


Yeah I tend to prefer my Powerport4 for travel, usually paired with either some long USB cables or short ones and an extension cord, then I can pretty much handle anything. I wish one of the ports was though USB-C 3A 5V 15W as its a bit faster (2.6A actually) for my tablet than the USB2 3A which only really is 2.2A.

I also wish for better UK products, I’m in UK now and planning next trip, when I come back to UK from USA I’m spending days moving around and only have a UK Powerport2, a UK Powerport4 would be lovely (and use of an adapter on the wall plug it just falls off the wall so put a plug adapter on end of extension is currently the most viable).


No. It’s been in stock the whole time. However, it now says discontinue by manufacturer in th product information, likely hinting that the current version is no longer in production.

Yeah and Anker’s Amazon’s postings are perfect as you know! :expressionless:

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But it seems very reasonable.

So why is the Powerport2 still selling if the Powerport2 Elite came out to fix sparking problems?

I think in this case it is over reading the information on an often erroneous source.

I do think though it is about time for a Powerport4 revamp.

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Power port 4 is one of my fave Anker products, I have 3 but I hope they do not discontinue it because I want others to experience the joys of 4 port charging! Plus I just saw in my Inbox that it is on sale for $18.99 what a steal! Nab one of those badboys asap!
IMHO the 5 Port Desktop Charger bricks could do with a makeover, perhaps they could ask Jony Ive for some input !

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You aren’t going to get anywhere in the world with that mentality :joy:

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Here is a very interesting article on why it is not necessary to redesign things which work perfectly :slight_smile:

Maybe according to a few select people like you but the majority of consumers are going to choose the more innovate choice rather than discourage innovation.

“perfect” is not possible in electronics.

A state change costs energy, you can make a better state change but you can never make a perfect state change.