New PowerPort 10 with Quick Charge 3.0

I have Anker powerport 10 and always happy to use it everyday, but since now i just buy new android phone that has USB C and Qualcomm Quickcharge, so i can not longer use them because they didnt have QC port, i user my other Anker charger that support QC, but its only 5 Power IQ output and 1 QC output, it is not enough. At least make it 2 QC 3.0 output and 8 Power IQ output, What do you think guys

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I think in time, we’ll start seeing more QC and USB-C output devices. But for now, the only 2 QC power port I see is this one Unfortunately, it is only a 5 port charger…2 being QC. I wouldn’t be surprise if Anker already has something in the works for what you are requesting. :slight_smile:

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There is a common denominator of 2A 5V so any phone will will still charge (just not QC) on a Powerport 10.

Also, for about half the charging time, QC is no faster than 2A 5V. QC helps with a nearly empty battery more than it does a half-full battery.

I have a OnePlus3T with DASH (which in some ways is better than QC) and I often carry a Powerport and a Powercore and I proactively keep my phone charged so I’m never in the need for quick anything. Because the DASH charger, like a QC charger is bigger and I have multiple devices.

QC helps if you literally deliberately let your phone get nearly flat and literally want to charge it quickly from a low % to mid %.