New Powercore III Sense 10K Issues

I just purchased this model yesterday and noticed a few things that made me think that I may have gotten a dud.

  1. When the charge level is almost empty…the led does not blink. I have other Anker pbs and the last leds all blink when almost empty. Maybe the Sense 10k is a little different?

  2. I used a 100w charger to recharge the Sense 10k. First LED blinks and stops blinking in 5 mins. Something must be wrong because no way 25% could be filled in 5 mins or less. The other 75% takes almost 5 hours to recharge.

The no blinking led when almost empty is most annoying. No idea how much charge is left. From my observation…the pb goes from fast charging to regular charging speed when almost empty. That’s the only indication that it is almost empty.

Hope owners of the Powercore III Sense 10k could offer some feedback.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your experience;

Usually, the LED power meter will stay on when the portable battery is charging a device, displaying the battery’s remaining power and will turn off light steadily depending on device’s model when the device is fully charged and not drawing a current.

The last LED light will flash when the remaining power is lower than 10% and will turn off when it’s lower than 5%.

Generally, the portable battery can be recharged within 4.5-5 hours using a PD wall charger; It seems the portable battery can be recharged normally; when charging the portable battery, the led lights will do not light up evenly, but they will be off evenly when charging a device; You can try to use the portable battery to charge your phone to see if the LED lights will be off evenly;

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anker support team.

Hi Thank you for the reply.

On the unit I own, the last LED does not flash. Instead it just turns off when it is lower than 5%. Looks like it skips the 10% left flashing LED.

I have drained the power bank and recharged it again. This time there was no issue.

Could there be an issue with the last flashing LED ?

I got the same power bank last month I went back and charge the power bank till the four blue led light up. Few week later when I try to use it to charge my iPhone it doesn’t charge at all. I press the button of power bank it show 4 led. But my phone doesn’t show the lighting symbol. Try the othe USB port still the same. Not sure why? It is spoil? Anyone experience before?