New PowerCore 5000? (April 25 Update)

April 25 Update: Anker has now released a red version of this product.

UPDATE: The price has been cut on the new model from $50 all the way down to $20, but it’s still $3 more than the black one. Hmm…

I came across this on Amazon. A PowerCore 5000 in white. The catch? The cost… $50. The original one (which is in black) is only $17. Has anything changed other than the color? The new one is also low on stock already - with no reviews, haha.

Check it out here:

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Looks like a white version of the existing black Powecore 5000

When you run out of innovation offer color choices. Sigh.


Either way, I still need to have one of these. LOL. :wink: Although the price of the black one sounds much better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have the black Powercore 5000 (free gift from Anker) and the Powercore Slim 5000. I’d go with the Slim just for pocketability reasons. The smaller portable chargers are more for in your pockets for a longer day type situation.

For backpacking probably the opposite as cylindrical = stronger.


I have the Powercore Slim 5000 but somehow, I like the cylinder shape. As for carrying it in my backpack, I have my trusty Powercore 10000. I love it because it’s small and light but packs a punch.


The trend of Anker at the moment is towards Lithium Polymer so more square shaped, and away from the 18650 in the likes of the Powercore Mini, Powercore+ Mini, Powercore 10000, etc.

example is the upcoming Powercore II 10000, following on from the Powercore II 20000, and the Powercore Slim 5000.

I also love the Powercore 10000 and I am disappointed because the Powercore II 10000 is not actually smaller / lighter, it is a few % worse. That is even taking into account the voltage is higher so the Wh is higher. Yep 10000 is not 10000 as that is mah not Wh.


No! I like the “old” shape.

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At scale, use of 18650 and I assume inside the Powercore 5000 is 26650, you end up with a rounded sides shape, but the Lithium Polymer is square sides.

Structurally, a cylinder is stronger.

I think I know why Anker’s direction is towards Li Poly as its a higher voltage, that then with IQ 2 then allows to support QC4 and USB-PD higher profiles.


You’re so good at explaining things! I’ve asked this before, but what is the difference between USB-C and USB-PD?

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USB-C is the physical port shape.

USB-PD is where you send higher voltages and amps through the higher spec cables.

Now from an electrical efficiency perspective, higher voltages will lose less energy in longer cables, this is why mains voltage is so high and it steps down to lower voltage higher ampage nearer to the point of consumption. Hence why say a Powerport5 is better for deliverying the maximum power to your USB device than say a Powerport4 (longer mains cable, shorter USB cable means higher ampage on shoter cables). USB-PD higher profiles run at 3A so there will be more losses then the 2A type, hence why I don’t agree with the Anker folding pins USB-PD types and prefer the idea of USB-PD in the Powerport5.

Buy a tester and check cables, it is a real problem, about 0.5A lost in the cable.


THANK YOU so much!

Penny drops.

It looks like it had to be $50 for a small period to then drop its price to create the illusion of discount.

Look again


Pretty much standard behavior for listings on Amazon…

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Why do they put $50 in the first place. They NEVER sell it for that much.

It’s most likely a RRP which most companies never really abide to because like @nigelhealy it gives the illusion of a discount, when in fact it’s the price which was earmarked all along…

But not even Anker ever sells it for that much…

That practice of briefly higher price then drop to give illusion of discount is illegal in UK.

Compare UK vs USA for said item.

It should be illegal here too. Who would pay $50 for that?!

Apple proves for any price there is a customer. :slight_smile:

OnePlus3T owner here.:relieved:

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Truer words were never spoken :rofl:, haven’t seen it happen in the UK unless the item is out of stock (before the price is adjusted) and even that is few and far between now…

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