New PowerCore 20100 unable to charge

I bought 2x new powercore 20100 units from Amazon and despite having not even used it to charge a device yet I can’t fully charge the unit itself. They both only seem to be able to reach 50% charge. I’ve been using the cables supplied from Anker. Any advice most welcome!?

what type of charger are you using. If your using an OEM phone charger or a generic charger, it may not be able charge the powercore or it will take forever.

I use a 24 watt 5 amp Anker wall charger with quick charge 3.0. and it charges to full in about 9 hours.

If you are using quick charge adapter, you might try a different one and try a different cables. I normally use Anker’s upgraded cables to charge my devices.

If those options don’t work, send an email to @AnkerSupport at


Are you using the wall charger that came with your phone? If so, I don’t think it’s got the guts to charge such a big charger.

You will need to get a new charger. Anker do a great range of PD (the tech of the chargers) chargers, that’ll do the job.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer, it’s good base charger but your phone is 3k, and.the powerbank is 20k… As you see that’s a huge difference.

Good lucky.

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If you have left it go for a long period of time and it still hangs at 50%, its possible you have an issue. Even the simplest 5 volt 0.5 charge port out of a pc should be able to get it there eventually provided it isnt discharging (a power bank should maintain minimal loss under 0 load). I would assume you have already unplugged cables and tried different ones as you said (this would power cycle the charging circuitry), so you may only have a few options left. The easiest would be to try another charger with either/or a higher charge current and quick charge features installed. If this still does not get it done you would want to reach out to @AnkerSupport for additional assistance / possible replacement. One question, when you are charging the unit and it sits at 50% is there more heat radiating from the bank than one would assume? A little warmth would be normal, but if its at 50% and something is wrong I would think a lot of heat would be coming off the device.


Thanks! Have switched over to my 24W Anker charger and seems to have done the trick!


Thanks for the advice. I changed my charger and seems to be sorted!


No problem, glad to see you got it working!

I’m sorry you had troubles, but I’m glad it’s fixed!

Forum to the rescue :tongue: